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Top 6 Immigrants in America and Their Achievements

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Top 6 Immigrants in America and Their Achievements

In the USA, the issue of immigration generates a lot of debate between politicians and ordinary people. During the presidency of Donald Trump, all the talks about immigration were quite negative. Many people still believe in racist stereotypes and let their lives be driven by them. Most immigrants have the following labels: criminals, non-educated, drug addicted, etc. 

We should stop such a way of treating people. When you look at American history, you can clearly see that the majority of major events, inventions, and breakthroughs would not happen at all without the impact of immigrants from different parts of the world. We have prepared for you a list of the top 10 famous immigrants in the US and their way of impacting America.

Hamdi Ulukaya

Ulukaya was born in the eastern Turkey raising sheep in the high mountains. He was interested in Kurdish rights and politics in general. Because of his political activism, Hamdi Ulukaya had to move to America. He could not speak English and has a little savings of $3,000 to start a new life. Now Ulukaya is a successful businessman who has built one of the best Greek yogurt brands in the world. His company treats all the employees with respect and helps a lot of refugees. 


Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is a well-known scientist, who developed the theory of relativity. Einstein was born in Germany. His discovery has changed the global understanding of our universe. Einstein has transformed modern physics and for his achievements he received the Nobel Prize. Albert got his American citizenship In 1940, when he started working at Princeton University.

Sergey Brin

Sergey Brin is the creator of Google. He was born in Moscow, but the family decided to move to America due to Jewish persecution. In the beginning, Google was a university research project. Brin succeeded  Google to become the most used search engine worldwide. Do you know that there are a trillion Google searches a day?! Now Sergey Brin focuses on developing philanthropic/environmental campaigns to help people worldwide.

Levi Strauss

The country of origin for Levi Strauss is Germany. He moved to the USA in 1847. His goal was to create perfect pants for duty work. His creation changes the entire course of world fashion. Levi was the first to design blue-colored jeans, and now we all have a pair in a wardrobe. Levi Strauss is a very generous personality. He finded around 20 scholarships helping talented students build their bright future.

David Ho 

David Ho has done in-depth research, which changed the understanding and treatment of AIDS. He was born in Taiwan, but immigrated with the family to the USA at 12 years old. He discovered that the virus starts rapidly multiplying as soon as it is in a person’s body. It was a big shift in how to treat AIDs. David was always hoping that AIDS will be completely eliminated one day. His devotion and work commitment is amazing. He was even selected as the man of 1996 by Time Magazine.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold was born in Austria. His childhood was taught, so he was looking for a brighter future and migrated to the USA. He started training with a professional trainer, who saw his potential and talent straight away. Arnold’s career as a body builder was very successful. He has five titles of Mr. Universe. Arnold’s attempt to enter the Hollywood community was bright and he became a famous actor very fast thanks to Terminator, Conan the Barbarian, and other excellent movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger always had many ambitions, so he decided to try politics and become the Governor of California. 


These six awesome immigrants are a little example of how a wave of immigration impacts the world, and the USA particularly. Such intercultural ways of sharing talents, passions, and ideas create a beautiful mix and open new horizons. Let’s admit that immigration is an essential part of smart, creative, and vibrant society. It is simply to imagine a modern world, and America particularly, where people can’t move freely and change the country of their birth.