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Zillow Gone Wild, bringing unreal real estate to your screen

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Real estate can look a bit unrealistic, but this is fine for Samir Mezrahi, who runs a popular social media account. Zillow Gone WildPost a “look at it to believe it” home, to the shock and delight of his over 2 million followers. From the towering castle to the underground bunker, and everything in between, what was behind the closed room is now just a click away. ZillowThe most popular online real estate market.

“You never know what’s going on at home,” Mezrahi said. “The exterior is normal, the interior is all mirrors, or there are stripper poles and lights in the basement.”

Just a handful of quirky or ridiculous Zillow listings featured on social media site Zillow Gone Wild.

Zillow Gone Wild

Zillow Gone Wild, and such accounts ( Zillowtastrophes When The Best of Zillow [sic]), The popularity exploded during the pandemic. Many people were trapped in one house, so it was irresistible to fantasize about another house. This is called “Zillow surfing”. In other words, scrolling through the 135 million list of platforms, I’m not really going to buy it, it’s the entertainment “Saturday Night Live” that was spoofed last year.

Zillow-SNL To
Saturday night live upon

One propertyIn New Berlin, Wisconsin, which has been on the market for about five years, the offer arrived just days after Zillow Gone Wild showed off its outdoor and indoor appeal.

Correspondent Nancy Cheney asked Mezrahi, “How would you describe this decoration?”

“The Flintstones of the Primitive Family,” he replied. “It’s a very flintstone style. Modern flintstones, bedrooms.”

This New Berlin, Wisconsin home is equipped with prehistoric equipment.

CBS News

Dustin and Tessa Maher bought it invisible. “Sunday Morning” joined them for the first time. “This is awesome, the first awesome,” Dustin went in and said.

Chen asked, “How did you know about this list?”

“This Zillow list,” Tessa said. “One of my common friends must have shared it, and soon it caught my attention.”

Knowing that it attracted the attention of millions of people was a selling point for Marhars planning to turn their home into a vacation rental. But that also meant that they had to act fast. “There’s more eyeball, more social proof that it’s an interesting house, and I think it was the right time and everything to sell this thing right away,” Dustin said. And if we didn’t buy it, Someone else would have had it .. “

If you can afford $ 60,000,000.


Amanda Pendelton, a Zillow home trends expert, said: .. “

Even if that means adding a bit of extra to the list, like a T-Rex or a cameo by a medieval knight.

Staging is all about real estate. Aliens and dinosaurs cannot be hurt.


“So do agents want their home to be viral?” Chen asked.

“It’s free marketing for these sellers, right?” Pendleton replied. “As you know, all of these homes have the right buyers, but the right buyers aren’t necessarily in that particular neighborhood, city, or even state. But these lists are When word of mouth spreads, it’s suddenly seen by potential people. Buyers across the country. “

So whether you’re in the tree house market or whatever this is …

Last year, this triple dome home in Clarkford, Aidao sold for $ 261,200.


… With enough scrolling, a man’s house can really be his castle.

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