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Yes, Hollywood is building a White Castle near downtown Atlanta

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The iconic and vague medieval facade is shaped on Edgewood Avenue, so Atlantans quietly claim that the popular nightlife strip is “the home of the original slider since 1921.” I think it will be added to.

Answer: A white castle is coming to Sweet Auburn, behind downtown Atlanta. However, properly placed sources can even deliberately torch or even explode within a few weeks.

Work began about a month ago on a vacant lot on 431 Edgewood Avenue to build a fake White Castle as part of a shooting set.

The building will replace Chicago’s White Castle as part of the next television series, Iron Heart, a female spin-off of Marvel Studios in Iron Man, which will be streamed on Disney +, according to sources. Become.

According to Disney, Dominique Thorne will star as Lili Williams, “the genius inventor who creates the most advanced armor suits since Iron Man.”

To the regrets of the bustling Edgewood Avenue delight, the building never puts loaded crinkle fries or double cheese sliders on a plate.

A recent photo of the unmistakable facade on 400 blocks of Edgewood Avenue. Submitted

The project is currently under construction and has its own 24/7 security details. Based on conversations the business owner had with the producer, the scope of the shoot may require that all of Edgewood Avenue on the block be closed sometime in September. To the source.

Disney + media representatives did not immediately respond to inquiries this morning. Records show that 0.6 acres of vacant commercial land is owned by an LLC called the Atlanta Real Estate Assembly. The property owner said he had a nondisclosure agreement and couldn’t talk to the production, but expects it to be permanently removed by November.

According to the company’s store tracker, the actual White Castle closest to Atlanta is in Nashville.

The Edgewood Avenue project “looks like a complete white castle, both inside and outside,” said Johnny Martinez, co-owner of the adjacent Joystick Game Bar and the Georgia Beer Garden across the street. They see it and are confused as to why they can’t get it. Then they will be disappointed when it falls. ”

A fake White Castle is being built on the 0.6 acre site in question. According to sources, it is usually used for parking and carousing. Image by Fulton County Government / Assessment Committee

Temporary White Castle is not the first time the Sweet Auburn district has seen a building Built and raised for a movie project.

In early 2020, a set designed as follows Shabby apartment building As part of Marvel Productions, it was built in an empty corner lot of 200 blocks on Auburn Avenue and later removed.

According to the Georgia Department of Economic Development, Disney is currently filming two other projects in Peach, “Dashing Through the Snow” and “Perfect Imprints.” Both are feature films.

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