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Yampa Valley Housing Authority releases 165-page Brown Ranch plan

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This diagram of the Brown Ranch Community Development Plan shows how the various districts will be laid out in stages.
Yampa Valley Housing Authority/Image provided

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority released a full draft of the Brown Ranch Community Development Plan last week. 165 page document This is based on a presentation on last month’s project.

Plans finalized last year included details on development down to street level, such as what housing combinations would be considered in which blocks, what the trail network would look like, and different types of sections. of the infrastructure needed.

“Brown Ranch offers Steamboat Springs residents an unprecedented opportunity to take control of our residential future and design the communities we want to live in,” said Jason, Executive Director of Housing Authority. Peasley said in a statement. “Brown Ranch was designed by the community, for the community, to preserve and build the best part of Steamboat Springs and Loot County: the community itself.”

The housing authority is conducting a month-long survey to get further feedback on the plans. The survey asks residents to read a plan or short overview document and answer five questions he asked following the October presentation. The survey can be found at: BrownRanchSteamboat.org Open until December 2nd.

The Yampa Valley Housing Authority Board will consider ratifying the plan at its December meeting.

The document begins with statistics from the Project’s Housing Demand Survey, which found that employment has outpaced new housing production in Routt County over the past decade. Between 2014 and 2019, about 2,100 jobs were added in the area, but only 34 new locally owned units were built.

It also showed that the number of households with annual incomes between $50,000 and $100,000 and paying for housing increased from 18% to 27% over this period. Cost burden means that more than 30% of her household income is spent on housing each month.

A 90-page section called “The Plan” contains information on the road through Brown Ranch, four planned neighborhoods, each of three different types of roads inspired by the streets of Steamboat. Introducing district blocks. The Lincoln Block is mostly multifamily housing, while the Oak and Pine Blocks are dominated by single-family homes.

In a section titled “Next Steps,” the document lays out five goals for the project in 2023. One of them is the detailed infrastructure design of the first neighborhood. Other goals include finalizing the process of annexing the property to the city, preparing construction drafts and platting documents, and beginning the process of getting the first community developers on board.

The project timeline is to deliver units by the end of 2026 and complete the first district in the southwest corner of Brown Ranch in early 2028.

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