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Won’t Word Get Out That Portland Is a Shangri-La for Those Without a Home?

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loaded WW The city plans to build a village that can accommodate more than 1,500 houseless campers. That’s great, but isn’t it self-fulfilling? Won’t rumors spread that Portland is the Shangri-La of the homeless and exacerbate the problem? –Paradise in constant pursuit

We’ve heard a lot of criticism about Mayor Ted Wheeler’s $27 million plan to keep the city’s homeless in the massive tent cities of Pursuing, but the conditions inside these camps are too comfortable. I have to say that you were the first to worry.Call me Negative Nancy, but I’m more concerned mad max-meets- More than a Calcutta black hole scenario, creating a real-life Big Rock Candy Mountain is so gorgeous that the uncontained would have to fight the Kardashians to get in.

Still, your premise that supporting those experiencing homelessness attracts more people is a popular one. I couldn’t find a single piece of news that didn’t entrench the myth that the “homeless are flocking here to take advantage of our generous services.” Dallas and Oklahoma City.

Some may weigh the cities in which they pitch their tents. Some people put metal rods in their urethra for fun. It’s a big world. But the most fascinating part of the homeless migration myth is that all these inconvenient people came from somewhere else and shouldn’t be our fault, and they don’t stand up to scrutiny. Mn. Of the 1,448 unprotected people surveyed in the homeless count as of 2022, Multnomah County says the majority grew up locally. Either they were born here or had a home when they arrived.

Still, some could, in theory, choose Portland for its generous service. But what exactly are these superior services? All cities offer them. Drug and alcohol treatment? If more people wanted it. Adequate shelter beds and generously subsidized housing? Apparently not or not having this conversation.

Sure, it’s nice of Portland to step into the downtrodden, but every other city has a policy of roasting the unhoused alive right before your eyes. Not really. Most facilities offer a short list of underfunded amenities that are very similar to ours. Will it be attacked by hordes wanting to experience the sights?

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