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Woman Hired Private Investigator to Track Down Her $46K Tiny Home

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  • One woman hired a private investigator after waiting months for her tiny house to be handed over.
  • She discovered that the founder of Holy Land Tiny House has no assets to his name, NBC reported.
  • Matt Sowash promised a buyer a small home but filed for bankruptcy, court records show.

A woman hired a private investigator to figure out why her tiny house hadn’t been handed over for months after paying about $50,000. reported by NBC News.

Matt Sowash, founder of the Colorado-based nonprofit Holy Ground Tiny House, faces a problem at hand. multiple lawsuits After being accused of not delivering the house.

Lori Birkhead, who runs face farm In Tennessee with her husband, she was told to send $46,504 to Sowash in April to own an 8-foot-by-28-foot house and deliver it in July.

She told NBC that after numerous attempts to reach out to Sowash, the assistant said it could take more than two years before the house was handed over.

“That’s when I hired a private investigator and he did some digging and discovered there were no assets to his name,” she told the outlet.

According to court records, Sowash filing for bankruptcy On October 7th, despite saying NBC In September, he said he would not.

He also told NBC he wasn’t sure he could build the 250 homes he had already paid for.

In his October 14 update to customers, he wrote: You can fulfill your obligation to make sure everyone gets their money back. ”

Render Kinetic Direct Funding filed a lawsuit It went against him on September 2nd in state court in Brooklyn, New York.

Sowash told NBC that he took out a $400,000 loan from Kinetic to build the house, but couldn’t pay it off.

Charles Dowling, 39, a disabled veteran who lives near Colorado Springs, told NBC that he slept on a friend’s couch because the 30-foot home he ordered with a $22,000 down payment didn’t arrive until July. He said he was

“He’s just shy and no one should be doing business with this guy,” Dowling said of Sowash.

The Inglewood, Colorado Police Department is investigating the allegations against Sowash and his nonprofit, NBC reported. Police did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

Sowash is Judgment in 2009 He was sentenced to five years in prison for defrauding investors of more than $470,000 and was also convicted of stealing $140,000 from three people he thought were looking for investment opportunities.

He told NBC that he became interested in tiny homes while in prison, building his first home in a garage in 2019 and selling it for $12,000.

Sowash did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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