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Woman braves deadly heat after move into $2K shed amid rent surge

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She may have beaten the market, but she certainly didn’t beat the heat.

The homeowner was spread by word of mouth by finding a loophole in Houston’s expensive rental market.

“POV: You’re spending about $ 2,000 robbed by a builder and you’re actually dying in the heat of Houston. All you can think of is how great the shower is. “TikTok users write.With Elizabeth Rich Force Video tour Of her miserable situation.

This clip, hashtag #homelesslife by Rishforth, has been viewed over 1.7 million times since it was posted last month.

In another recent video of her experience buying and living in a small hut with her boyfriend, Rich Force details some of the non-professional interactions with hut builders. She insisted I tried using her “to fool my wife”.

Housing conditions may be affordable, but it leaves the resident dangerously open to the elements.
TikTok / @ a_nobody_goodbye

The owner of the new hut also claimed that the contractor sold her with a much more spacious layout idea.

“POV: Everyone thought you weren’t going to get help, but your dad drove all the way from South Carolina to Texas to repair your hut !!!” Rishforth another The video shows the air conditioner unit. Her father also helped her install the lights.

The Rich Force story is an extreme example of how some Americans react to the country’s unmanageable rental prices.While the New Yorker is facing Own uncontrollable marketResidents of other cities have some hope for the future, but are far from easy streets.

tiktokhouston played a viral video
Elizabeth Rishforth, or @_nobody_goodbye on TikTok, is currently sharing a one-room hut with her boyfriend.
TikTok / @ a_nobody_goodbye
tiktokhouston played a viral video
One of the clips of Rishforth’s hut life has recorded over 1.7 million views since it was posted last month.
TikTok / @ a_nobody_goodbye
tiktokhouston played a viral video
The father of the owner of the new hut got out of the car to help her install the air conditioner.
TikTok / @ a_nobody_goodbye

Median one-bedroom rents rose only 0.5% from the median in May, and median two-bedroom rents fell 2.9% last month, according to data from real estate firm Zumper.

“The lessees are sending a clear message to real estate owners that they can’t afford to pay high rents. They anticipate a recession,” Zumper spokeswoman Crystal Chen recalled. Previously reported postsUnfortunately, for lessees, she added, “We are facing housing shortages and the labor market remains strong, so prices will not fall significantly.”

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