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Winter House’s Jessica Stocker on Metaverse Real Estate

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Photo: Courtesy of Decentraland

The real estate industry is preparing for what can be a harsh winter. The housing market is cooling nationwide, and homebuyers are hesitant. rising interest rates When withdrawal from saleWhen Agent They have been laid off or are struggling to find additional sources of income.

But in the Metaverse, Mark Zuckerberg danced a little Crash arrived more definitively this week while promising his fellow avatars a leg.2021 was a big hype in this digital world, where real estate parcels were bought and sold for cryptocurrencies, and not long ago someone paid $450,000 to become Snoop Dogg’s “neighbour.” However, the Metaverse is a virtual wasteland where meta employees Please do not use(The land next to the replica of Snoop Dogg’s mansion is currently thought to be worth just $25,000. forbes.)

Jessica Stocker is a 25-year-old real estate agent (in the real world) and Metaverse consultant who happens to be on board for the upcoming season. winter house, have seen the collapse of the metamarket up close (hypothetically). Stocker was initially bullish on the Metaverse, creating her Zillow-like app called Digiland, but she’s since turned her efforts back into the real world, turning her home. “There is no concrete evidence yet that these metaverses persist,” she says. She talked about appearing on a show about hot people. Even what it means to broker real estate in the metaverse. And why now is she not recommending I try to build a water park there?

Congratulations on your premiere.how was it cast winter house?

Jason [a fellow cast member and male model] Sent me a message on Instagram. Maybe it was just a pick up line, but he was asking about the Metaverse. I work in the metaverse and he was interested in the crypto space. There was a conference I was hosting — there was a speaker like this guy who did Justin Bieber’s NFT — and I was like, ‘Oh, you should come. he actually jumped out.

I have to explain what the Metaverse is, why real estate is for sale there, like I’m the dumbest person alive.

I think it’s another way to advertise your business. Think about when your ads are showing on Instagram or Facebook. It’s essentially like buying digital real estate, right? You’re buying advertising space. In other words, Metaverse real estate is really just a plot of land, but really just hosting experiences and charging people a fee or advertising your business in the real world.

So, don’t you think of it as a place to actually live?

No, I mean not yet. If it even gets to that point, I think it will do well in the future. But for now, it’s just an advertising space in the digital world.

If you are a real estate agent in the Metaverse, who are you selling land to and whose land are you selling it to?

I call myself a consultant. Find and connect buyers and sellers. I didn’t sell anyone’s land or list it. Because there really isn’t a platform to do that. I was creating a platform to actually do that called Digiland, like Zillow for the metaverse. I can’t really call myself a broker as there is no legal way to do that in the metaverse.

This means that the Metaverse Land show will not run.

No, it’s definitely a good idea. And honestly, that’s what I was trying to do with Desiland. , a digital designer will come and stage what it will look like. This could be the three-story mansion that hosts Justin Bieber concertsIt puts an idea in their head of what it is. My personal opinion is that you’ll find technology for shows that is as seamless as things like sunglasses and chips embedded in your head.

Is Metaverse land sold by the square foot?

Each metaverse is different, but in Decentraland, for example, there are lots that are 90 x 90 feet, and you can buy double or triple lots. Also, the larger the parcel, the taller buildings can be built on it. It has some rules.

Are you saying there is zoning in the metaverse?

Yeah, I think there is zoning.

Can you build anything you want on your land as long as you follow the rules? Can you build a water park?

That means you need engineers who know how to code and how to build in a virtual world. It is difficult. Unless it’s pre-programmed, you probably won’t be able to do it unless you hire someone.

Do you own land in the metaverse?

No, there is not. At one point it did, but it’s a very volatile market and I made sure everyone understood that this was a lot of predictive value, even when I was consulting. There is as yet no concrete evidence that the persistence of Just like now, some of the land people bought in Decentraland is down by 70%.

So if you are or were describing the value of Metaverse real estate to potential buyers, what is that value?

Metaverse land is going to be big. The question is which metaverse grows. I don’t think anyone should buy land in the metaverse now. I don’t think a long-term metaverse has been created yet. It’s a short-term game, and it’s also a big risk if you buy land for $1000 and expect him to be worth maybe $100,000 or so. But when it comes to long-term play, it’s like betting on a social media company that dates back to the early 2000s. In 40, 50, etc. years there won’t be a worthwhile metaverse, but there will be another Facebook that will come out of the metaverse and give everyone access to their platform.

But it seems many were pitching the Metaverse as a sure thing. Facebook changed its entire company name.

Unfortunately, when things are really popular, you have to make a lot of money. There were a lot of people promoting NFTs and promoting real estate on the metaverse. Either you own those NFTs and you want to promote them if you promote it, or you want to promote them because you bought the land so others value it higher and it increases in value. , is a strange time.

Are you still consulting in the metaverse?

I really focus on real world real estate. I wanted to be portrayed as the Queen of the Metaverse thanks to my app. I definitely wish it was still the case, but the market has also adjusted, so there are far more opportunities to buy, which is why I shifted to real estate. A bunch of bad properties. We make a lot of money flipping them. So I spend a lot of my time now.

Have you ever experienced the Metaverse? What was it like?

There was this concert performed by Paris Hilton. Her avatar performed her DJ set on the Metaverse over New Year’s. I joined because I wanted to know what it was like. Basically, there is no 3-D format. Looking at a computer screen can cause a lot of glitches. You’re basically just typing for someone else. You can hear them if you have a microphone connected. But it really… people have words on their heads. It’s like The Sims.

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