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Wilton Real Estate Report (June 17-30, 2022): 24 Homes Transfer to New Owners Over Two Weeks

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Weekly Wilton Town ClarkThe office has released data on real estate transactions from the previous week.2 weeks from June 17-30, 2022Town Clark Lori Kabak Reported very strong activity 24 residential properties Change hands.

Much of the activity took place in homes ranging from $ 1.1 million to $ 1.8 million. The best-selling home earned $ 2.6 million.

There was also significant activity in homes below the median selling price of Wilton, such as single-family homes and several condominiums.

Important: Please note that the Town Clark report contains only limited information. For more information, please read the documentation filed in Wilton Town Clark’s office.these are Land transfer report Available on the town’s website.

GMW strives to find current photos from recent real estate listings, websites such as Zillow.com, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, the photo may be from a previous real estate list or from a town appraisal / land record.

204 Sharp Hill Road: Ryan Alexander and Natalie Irene coot to Volodymyr Hudyma for $ 525,000

32 Village Walk: Venkateswara R. Saduneni and Vasanta Meduri to Dawn Desertis, $ 351,000

140 Scan Crane: From Carmelo and Shamala P. Fazio to Christopher and Renelson, $1,650,000

64 range load: From Caroline Dillion and Caroline Trieste to Karen Lumis, $ 750,000

10 Keelers Ridge Road: From Matthew P. Ellenthal and Martha K. Outlaw to Omar Lattouf $ 1,575,000

28 Chicken Street: $ 900,000 from Ronald B. Cagenello and Elizabeth B. Johnston to Cynthia K. Tornallyay and Timothy JE Mitchell

14 Dark Sen Drive: $ From John J. and Olive S. Lawlor to Robert L. and Kimberly T. Berry950,000

8 Gay Road Drive South: Justin Solids to 89 William Street, LLC, $ 192,000

3 Millstone Road: From Susan Bedsow Horgan to Erin Costello, $617,000

21 Lambert Common: From Susan Williams to Miyoung Cho, $ 540,000

6 Old Huckleberry Road: From Brian Nunes With Christopher and Sharon Ketsukemeti Carmorobo, $ 1,400,000

187 Range Road: $ 1,103,000 from Durga Vaddiraju and Radha Padmanabhan to Luv Bajaj and Maren Cornish

24 Riding Club Road: From Murray Martin Stephen and Candice Harley Sabo, $2,600,000

51 Turtle Backroad: From Keith Sayewitz to Michael and Wendy Kann, $ 1,100,000

151 Scan Crane: From Jason and Michel Rothwell Jared and Allison Wasserman, $1,750,000

14 Woodway Lane: From James H. and Sharon Z. Beecher Mark and Maya Fisher, $ 1,650,000

160 Olmsted Hill Road: From Bruce B. Brody and Marie C. Casey Erica Lutzner, $1,750,000

215 Belden Hill Road: From Kimberly K. and Russell P. Log Inoki A. Suarez and Christine Wojira, $1,800,000

62 village courts: From Samira Vadantam and Amith Mamidala to Gail Overbeck, $795,000

18 Old Lantern Drive: Brendan R. and Nancy A. Bracken Brian Astrakhan and Haley Tessaro, $ 1,175,000

14 Wilton Acres: Benjamin L. and Elle M. Peck Patricia Eagan, $ 829,000

169 Branch Brook Road: From Scott and Allison McHugh Stephen and Laura Grasle, $1,240,000

33 Pine Ridge Road: Richard and Joy Error Samantha R. and Albert Eskenage, $1,285,000

40 Warncke Road: $ 1,481,000 from Anthony Plesner and Serena Koh to Elizabeth E. Rill and Noah Safian

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