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Wilton Real Estate Report (July 1-7, 2022): Brisk Pace of Home Sales Continues

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16 Azalea Lane was $ 2.3 million and was the best-selling property of the week until July 7, 2022.

Weekly Wilton Town ClarkThe office has released data on real estate transactions from the previous week.1 week from July 1-7, 2022Town Clark Lori Kabak report 10 residential properties Change hands.

Two homes far exceeded $ 2 million, with the best-selling home reaching $ 2.3 million.

While two homes sold between $ 1,385,000 and $ 1,475,000, the property reflected a wide range of prices, including three single-family homes and two condominiums sold between $ 520,000 and $ 875,000. rice field.

Important: Please note that the Town Clark report contains only limited information. For more information, please read the documentation filed in Wilton Town Clark’s office.these are Land relocation report Available on the town’s website.

GMW strives to find current photos from recent real estate listings, websites such as Zillow.com, or mapping services such as Google Maps. In some cases, the photo may be from a previous real estate list or from a town appraisal / land record.

20 Phone Ridge Lane: From Mohan Sherla and Sowmya Sirigari to William and Natasha Sparkle, $ 602,500

105 Drum Hill Road: From Lewis F. and Stephanie Fernandez to Martin and Jennifer Fiore for $ 2,275,000

3 Huckleberry Hill Road: Marcia Lois Gethin-Jones to Charles and Jennifer Lawson, $ 1,385,000

109 Phone Ridge Lane: From Daniel and Daniela Camporeale to Esha and Edwin Malik, $ 527,609

PAR 1A MAP 6008: From Kenneth L. and Sharon Rebecca Sobel to Richard M. and Kimberely M. Santosky, $ 100,000 (no photo)

25 Sturges Ridge Road: $ 1,475,000 from Kristen S. Leddy to Maxime A. Buchi and Hope Plescia-Buchi

40 Black Older Lane: $ 520,000 from John R. Lynch to Lus K. Sanchez and Hector L. Rivera

78 Old Kings Highway: $ 710,000 from Lajos M. Csery and Elizabeth S. Wamperich to Alastair and Laleinia McKee

16 Azalea Lane: Loren and David Teolis to Kinetic Investments, LLC, $ 2,300,000

3 Thistle Lane: From Cyril and Ashley Joseph to Virendra Kumar Khandelwal, $ 875,000

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