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Wilshire Grand snags a new tenant, Small landlords struggle, and more

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Pacific Western Bank has stores in the tallest * building in Los Angeles, Cushman & Wakefield announced this week.

Aerial view of Wilshire Grand CenterCushman & Wakefield

A subsidiary of PacWest Bancorp recently signed a lease agreement for 8,010 square feet of office space on the 26th floor. Wilshire Grand Center Located in downtown Los Angeles, it has 3,500 square feet of retail space for bank branches.

The owner of Wilshire Grand, Hanjin International Corporation, was represented by John C. Kushman, III, Steve Marcuson and Dillon Moscorn, and Kennedy Wilson represented Puck West Bancorp.

According to a statement from Cushman & Wakefield, Wilshire Grand can only rent two floors due to the impending arrival of Pacific Western Bank. Claimed to be the tallest structure on the west side of the Mississippi River, the 73-story, 1,100-foot-high tower houses 900 InterContinental hotels, approximately 350,000-square-foot offices, and 45,000-square-foot retail space.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

New studies show that older people are the fastest growing population of people experiencing homelessness “According to a new report from the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, this group accounts for a quarter of the county’s non-containment population, but most adults over the age of 50 are experiencing homelessness for the first time. (LAist)

A large fire unleashed a toxic spill flood and caused an environmental disaster “A toxic spill that miserably plagued thousands of residents of Los Angeles County at the end of last year was almost uncommon. It plagued the 15-mile Dominges Strait, an area where effective enforcement took place. It was the latest in a series of environmental disasters. It has always been confused by industry recklessness, official negligence, overlapping government jurisdictions, and hydrology, which is prone to floods and unpleasant odors. “(LA Times) )

How the Government Exacerbates California’s Poverty “California politicians have talked a lot about the conundrum of poverty and are forever advancing proposals to put a little more money in the pockets of poor families, but at the same time, state and local government practices are often that of poor people in California. Exacerbates hardship. “” (CalMatters)

EPA regains California’s authority to set its own car pollution rules “This decision, announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, overturns attempts to prevent the Trump administration from using its vast market power to push the automotive industry in a more environmentally friendly direction. And states that have reached regulatory limits following the lead in pollution restrictions are putting a mood of uncertainty across the automotive industry. “(LA Times)

A small landlord in LA was promised help if the tenant stopped paying the rent.Why some people still don’t have relief “The government’s rent relief program keeps landlords out because tenants need to be involved in the application process. Tenants may refuse to apply. They also earn too much to qualify. In some cases, some small landlords say they have left because they are waiting for rent relief in vain. They have been financially wrecked. “(LAist)

Note: Due to the work of the Regional Connector, DTLA’s A and E trains will be replaced by the bus shuttle this weekend. “Headsup! Metro will connect A Line (Blue) and E Line (Expo) to the Regional Connector project, and rail service will be temporarily suspended at 7th St / Metro Center and Pico Station from 9 pm on Friday, March 11th. . Until the end of service on Sunday, March 13th. “(Origin)

WeHo dead end may be developed “Considered as a result of California Senate Bill 9, zoning of R1 single-family homes in the state has been effectively eliminated. West Hollywood will add 4,000 homes on the border by 2029. Is also mandated by the state. Due to limited space, the single-family community is in a volatile position. “(Beverly Press)

Clean California “Beautification” Grants Include Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements “Last week, the government announced a $ 296 million grant to 105 California communities for a variety of projects, including debris removal, landscaping, art installation, and pedestrian and bike path improvements. I did it. “(Streetsblog LA)

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