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Why Do the Men of ‘SNL’ Live in Such Horrifying Apartments?

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Tuesday, new york Position American favorite weirdo Colin Jost (jokingly) reported that he sold the West Village duplex for $ 2.5 million.Jost bought this place in 2011, six years after joining the company. Saturday night live As a writer, and the photos from the list make the place look like a kind … eh? Jost offered his home like someone who didn’t know what to do with his design budget. On the main floor are awkwardly cornered love seats and a sad little starter kit breakfast table blocking the doors of Juliet’s balcony. The cramped cupboard is a tropical frog “Don’t eat me! I’m toxic!” The “primary bedroom” has a cold prelino tile floor and the other bedroom is very facing the bathtub. There is an ugly bed in. In the bedroom.At the foot of the bed.. Most scary is the small basement, adorned with menacing floor lamps and lonely and probably autographed football on the TV console. According to my calculations, Jousting’s house has two indoor shrubs, one is an old-fashioned washboard leaning against a window, one is a magazine folder without magazines, and six coupes are in a bar cart. There is no book.It’s not so surprising that there are no signs of human life in the place — not because Jousting isn’t. Real boy However, he is likely to have crashed into his wife Scarlett Johansson’s house over the past few years. See their well-equipped suburban fake homes in the Super Bowl commercials they made for Amazon this year: OrHow we expect an established celebrity with a stable television income to live, married to one of the world’s highest-paying actresses.

It has at least one answer to the question we asked ourselves in Curbed. why Do men SNL Do you live in such a scary apartment? As in the case of Jousting, they tend to date and somehow lure their out-of-league stars into the relationship: segment directors Dave McKayly and Emma Stone, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde, Dan Aykroyd, Carrie Fisher, Pete Davidson and … everyone. Over and over again, these guys, along with traditionally beautiful partners, recreate the dynamic early sitcoms of zhlub-y’s funny guys. If you’ve ever had a roommate who had a flop boyfriend all the time because his own place was an unimaginable hole in hell SNL It’s written big (and at a much higher rent).

Davidson’s house has always been the center of his folklore.In his time for several years SNL, He still lived with his mother — and not only: he lived in the basement of his mother’s house. This was a Rorschach test. It can be considered as a red flag, or as Davidson is a humble mom boy who is not influenced by fame. But in the meantime, he dated Kazy David, Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Margaret Qualley. All of this had a ground home where he could stay, so Davidson left the dump unchanged. (In fact, I think David still lived at home. They were very good with each other.)

In December 2020, Davidson purchased his $ 1.2 million two-bedroom condo on Staten Island.The place was Performed quite strangely: Sickly Princess Purple accented walls, washed-out aqua dining set, chunky dark brown bedroom set, and discreet Astroturf strips on a water-facing patio.He is For sale in 2022 He refurbished and painted on purple, adding a foodsball table and, inevitably, a black leather sofa in the Confraternity House. once again, SNL The boy was working with his A-list partner, in this case Kim K, to improve his living conditions.

Foodsball and sofa suggest another answer to a suspicious question SNL Male Residence: These people live on a college student schedule. SNL Casts, writers and producers work throughout Tuesday night, and the rest of the week from October to May work late into the night. The tight production schedule for each episode is structured so that the team lives in a permanent state of term paper stuffing. A glimpse of their office space And the routine gives off the feeling that these guys never left Lamphun Instead, just take them to Midtown with them.Just as transients are built into dorm rooms, so are these homes. SNL male. Similarly, the idea of ​​breaking the rules of the first apartment or friendship house, which pushes the boundaries of what a living space should be, is reflected in some of their design choices.

As seen in — and you need to take a deep breath here — Jimmy Fallon’s old place.

In 2002, his four years SNL During his tenure, Fallon purchased a Gramercy Park Cooperative unit for $ 850,000. Is it easy? No.His career SNL To Tonight’s showFallon, on the three-story building, bought the other three units and spliced ​​them together like a madman into a true Frankenstein monster triplex. When Fallon listed the places for sale for $ 15 million in 2021, the photo revealed a complexly planned eccentric true Magorium’s Holorium. There was a plaid room centered around an antler chandelier suitable for Gaston. The pantry, lined with busy cowboy wallpapers, offers about 500 cans of progresso soup and features a small door for kids waiters.Stairs runners that look like someone has peeled an alien Avatar. These weren’t whimsical touches. They are whimsical battering rams, a maniac eclectic approach to interior design, suggesting some sort of psychological impact from Studio 8H.

On the other hand, his Hamptons house has slides where the stairs should be.that is big The loft looks aggressively minimalist.

Beck Bennett unveiled his home in Los Angeles in the May 2020 episode SNL at Home, When the cast members were rigging sketches from their respective quarantine pods.The place is a mixture of nice and a little silly that feels almost refreshing normal. The sketch is a parody Architectural digest Celebrity Home Tour: He has a pretty nice dining table (in a way like repair hardware), but it’s cluttered with home debris, as the cluttered bookshelves are looking at real traffic I can see. The moldings are clean, but the blinds are cheap. A fireplace with vomiting brown tiles is used to store miscellaneous junk. He spends the last minute of the video just pointing out cracks in the wall. I live like this. Maybe you live like this.But i don’t $ 500,000 a year (give or take)..

Writer Julio TorresThe recent departure from the show is an exception that proves the rules.Torres works including SNL papyrus” When “sinkIs related to the possibilities of aesthetics and design comedy.His mother is an architect and fashion designer, his sister is a designer, and Torres collaborates with them and his artist’s friends in his custom works. Apartment When office, Prefers unconventional shapes and primary colors.Overcoming Torres’ straight curse requires such a unique level of prejudice and thoughtfulness. SNL The counterpart and its sad space.But to these remaining men SNL, We say, Damn, bitch, you live like this??

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