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Whole Upper East Side Corner To Be Demolished, Across From Extell Site

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Upper East Side, NY — An entire corner of Yorkville is about to face a wrecking ball. Court records and planning documents show as the building’s owner heads to court to evict the block’s remaining businesses.

Submitted developer schedule On Thursday, the entire northwest corner of East 86th Street and First Avenue, where a set of connected four-story buildings have stood since 1910, will be demolished. Ground floor includes Aero Locksmith, Hybrid Florist, A & N Art Gallery, Taco Today, and many other shops and restaurants.

Aero Rocksmith owner Mike Gaizo posted a sign in his shop window last month announcing that the business would be relocating in the coming weeks and warning neighbors of the demolition.

“I don’t want to cry when they demolish a building, so I want to be ahead of the curve,” he told Patch.

The owner of the building has not been identified.According to records, the corner was purchased In 2020, it’s the same entity that submitted its demolition plan for $14.5 million by a group listed under an anonymous limited partnership.

Gaizo posted a note in Aero Locksmith’s window last month announcing that the store had moved ahead of its demolition. (Nick Gerber/Patch)

But Gaizo said he was told by the building’s management company that Extell was the new owner. He’s the same developer who demolished nearly every building on the opposite corner of 86th Street. A single holdout tenant thwarts company plans For tall towers.

Extell did not immediately respond to questions about whether the address owned the northwest corner that spans 349-361 East 86th St. and 1653-1659 First Ave.

“Who will read it all?”

The corner building housed a total of 33 apartments, but Gaizo said all of the residential tenants had moved out before demolition.

Meanwhile, the anonymous developer has been in court since last year trying to evict the remaining commercial tenants, and has filed at least eight lawsuits against various companies alleging unpaid rent.

Half of the First Avenue block front on the corner will also be demolished. (Google Map)

The landlord has already won two lawsuits against the restaurant owner. Chicky’s 86 Records show there is a deli two doors down. They have lawsuits still pending against Dunkin’ Donuts and Hybrid Florist on the Block. submitted Eviction proceedings last week.

Demolition began about three years ago, Gaizo said, when the previous landlord added a clause to lease renewals requiring tenants to vacate within 90 days if a demolition plan was submitted. I was. But he paid little attention then.

“They send you a lease. It’s 28 pages long — who’s going to read it all?” he said.

By September, he said, Aero had received a letter demanding he leave by the end of the year. It marks the end of an era for Gaizo, who started working in a locksmith shop in 1979 as a teenager and took over the shop a few years later. (The new location will be at 221 East 83rd St. He between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.)

In the opposite corner, Extell plans to build a 22-story tower, Single tenant with stable rent It’s in the corner building. (Google Map)

When the demolition is complete, it will dramatically change the Upper East Side landscape, which has been transformed in recent years by skyscraper development. Extell helped push it forward and built other new towers. First Avenue When park streetplanning demolition at multiple locations along East 86th Street. Hometown of King Papaya.

Some welcome the project, given the city’s desperate housing shortageHowever, critics note that some new developments include Decrease in number of houses Others simply blame the neighborhood’s changing aesthetics than the low-rise tenements they replaced.

“Sad,” said Guyzo. “What they did to our poor Upper East Side”

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