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Who Owns More Land: Bill Gates, McDonald’s or The Catholic Church?

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Land is the perfect investment for a mogul. bill gates invested a lot farmlandPeople have been saying for years McDonald’s Ltd. is actually a real estate company that sells food.you may not have noticed catholic church I own a lot of real estate. Which of these multi-billion dollar companies owns more of what is considered the most valuable commodity on earth: land? may surprise you.

Bill Gates case: Microsoft The co-founders are considered the largest farmland owners in the United States with nearly 270,000 acres.This number is last year’s land reportIt is reasonable to assume that purchases have not slowed down.

Gates says the purchase is the result of his investment group, but also recognizes the potential and importance of farmland. In his Reddit Ask Anything (AMA) session, he said the purchases are related to seed and biofuel development.

The Land Report reference will be published in winter 2021, after which controversy It was circulated about Gates’ accumulation of American farmland.

Total area of ​​Bill Gates: Well over 270,000 acres

McDonald’s case: The McDonald’s brand is huge and has been around since 1955. For nearly 70 years, McDonald’s now has over 39,000 locations as of January 2022. Each of these locations has approximately 1.2 acres. According to research, McDonald owns about 70% of the buildings worldwide and his 45% of the land. After all the calculations are done, we can see that McDonald’s owns approximately 47,037 acres of land.

McDonald’s directly owns and operates only about 15% of its stores. The rest are run by franchisees.

McDonald’s real business is acting as a franchisee owner. Set ground rules and provide a layout for success. It is said that hamburgers are sold because it is the easiest way for tenants to make a profit and repay.

Its purpose is to buy land, and a new McDonald’s opens every 15 hours. As a result, McDonald’s income and land holdings continue to grow.

Total area of ​​McDonald’s: 50,000 acres and growing

For the Catholic Church: The Catholic Church owns 177 million acres of land worldwide for churches and schools, and owns farmland and forests.

If this number surprised you, you’re not alone.This report is from Yale Climate Connections, which Talk Land ownership by the Catholic Church illustrates the importance of that decision to the environment.

The report tells the story of Goodland’s executive director, Molly Burhans, who discovered that the Catholic Church lacked a comprehensive inventory of its land titles. Morey claimed that the Church’s inventory had not been updated since the Holy Roman Empire.

After receiving permission from the Vatican, Burhans underwent a comprehensive procedure to bring the Church into the 21st century.alive database Provides visuals of all land holdings.

Total Catholic Church: 177 million acres

Conclusion: The Catholic Church owns far more land than McDonald’s or billionaire Bill Gates. If you’re concerned about environmental change, global warming, and climate change, this giant player flies under the radar.

Whether you are an individual operating a 501(c)(3) or a large business, land ownership should continue to be a priority. If you can’t take the first step to owning your own property, consider two options:

Real estate investment trust (REIT) ownership: Purchased like stock, these industry-specific holdings allow you to buy real estate in the industry you believe in.

Crowdfunding: Real estate crowdfunding platform Offers an opportunity to invest in a partial ownership interest in a specific property or real estate development. These long-term holding investments may prove fruitful over time.

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