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What Impact Will the Infrastructure Bill Have on the Housing Crisis?

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The United States is currently in what many consider to be a housing crisis. Market prices for homes to buy and rent are sky-high and there is no end in sight.

There are more people looking for houses than there are vacant houses. This problem of supply and demand caused property prices to skyrocket and few people could afford what sellers were asking for. is.

The federal government has yet to pass legislation that directly addresses the current housing crisis, but some bills could have an indirect impact. An important indirect impact will come from the Infrastructure Bill signed in November 2021.

Legislative infrastructure upgrades can have a significant impact on some of the housing market issues.

the current housing crisis

Over the past few years, housing prices have risen and the housing crisis has reignited. 2020, 30% of all households There were mortgage or rent payments that were “out of reach”. Experts say that if the owner or occupant spends more than 30% of her monthly income on housing, her 1 to 7 households spend more than half of her income, the price is affordable. I don’t think so.

housing prices continued to rise over 20 Between Spring 2021 and Spring 2022. This was due to the worst ever housing shortage. Construction has not been able to keep up with household demand, especially with increases during his COVID-19 pandemic.

Housing is not a new problem in major coastal cities. Some metropolitan areas, such as New York and Los Angeles, have been unable to provide adequate housing for their residents for decades. Small towns and communities across the country are offsetting this problem by renting or buying many homes. But as of early 2022, the country is short of her 3.8 million homes, with the greatest shortage of affordable housing for low-income earners.

As the country faces a shortage of homes and a gap between black and white homeowners still over 28%the search for a solution is ongoing.

It is difficult to judge how the country will recover from this housing crisis as no major legislation has been recently passed to address it. It means that it may indirectly change the real estate market for the better.

infrastructure bill

In November 2021, President Joe Biden signed the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill into law.Infrastructure Investment and Employment Law devote $1.2 trillion For various projects across the country, including:

  • $55 billion for clean drinking water
  • $65 billion for high-speed Internet access
  • $110 billion to repair bridges and roads
  • $39 billion to modernize transportation
  • $17 billion to improve ports
  • $25 billion to improve airports
  • $7.5 billion to add more electric car chargers
  • $65 billion to upgrade power infrastructure
  • $50 billion in weatherproofing and natural disaster protection
  • $21 billion for decontamination

The bill would also be the largest investment in passenger rail. The United States is in need of faster rail, which will make cross-border transportation faster and easier.

Impact on the housing crisis

As you may have noticed, the Infrastructure Bill does not contain specific funds to solve the housing crisis. However, some investments may affect the market. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying and selling real estate.


The bill funds better drinking water, more transportation, upgraded power and internet. These investments can significantly increase the value of your home if made in the right neighborhood.

A potential deal fails because the housing offer is higher than the appraisal value. If a bid is made and the house is accepted, the deal will likely look like this: Depends on evaluation Because most lenders won’t lend to borrowers without it. Depending on the valuation, it is nearly impossible to agree on a new selling price without getting closer to the asking price or offer.

This makes homes stay on the market longer and few people can afford them. However, as the new demand in the area increases the value of the community, the value of the home will also increase and we will be able to offer an offer closer to the appraisal value.


All this investment in new jobs creates a need for workers.Bill Will Help, According to Biden Administration $1.5 million added at work every year.

The country’s unemployment rate is 3% or more left, millions of people struggle to find and keep jobs. This leaves low-income workers unable to compete against high rents and purchase prices.

Employment opportunities for hard-hit communities can improve the financial health of low-income families and help them access housing they otherwise would not have been able to afford. Creating this financial capacity means that high rents and purchase prices are no longer so extreme.

housing complex

There is nothing in the bill specifically related to the multi-family housing industry, but experts in the field praise it Reduce the burden on your infrastructure Off-industry investors.

With improved water systems and transportation infrastructure, investors looking to buy and build rental properties no longer need to worry about mitigating these issues to attract tenants.

This cost savings for investors will have the knock-on effect of providing more housing options to communities in need. Better infrastructure means investors are more likely to come to the area, building apartments and other multifamily housing for residents.

Future prospects

The full impact of the infrastructure bill on the housing crisis remains to be seen. record high June 2022.

From the start of 2022, legislators will 53 housing-related bills In Congress, only two have passed the introductory stage, and none have passed the House yet. It’s essential to keep an eye on the local, state, and federal laws that affect your area and how they affect your real estate investments and business ventures.

There is some hope on the horizon.Mortgage rates still have a long way to go, but the country some weekly decline All through the summer of 2022. High interest rates and inflation have hampered some progress as the country struggles to cope with prices on almost everything.

The future is uncertain, but the infrastructure bill seems like a step in the right direction.

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