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West San Jose a hot spot for development

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Built near the turn of the 20th century, a potentially historic West San Jose barn and cottage could be demolished to make way for dozens of condos and ground floor businesses.

Just 800 meters (0.5 miles) north of where developer and dentist Adam Ascari plans to build. 119 room hotel A controversial neighbor, he is spearheading an effort to build 79 condominiums on about an acre of land at 1065 S. Winchester Blvd.

The San Jose Planning Commission will review the project on Wednesday and make recommendations to the city council, which has the final say on development.

According to city reports, a six-story building is planned with 70 condominium units and about 20,000 square feet of commercial space on the first and second floors. The plan is consistent with the city’s Urban Village planning efforts, Dense multi-purpose development Includes residential and commercial spaces.

This rendering shows what a six-story apartment complex would look like if built at 1065 S. Winchester Blvd. in San Jose. Image credit: San Jose.

An Italian Victorian cottage, a California-style barn and a fruit drying shed, among other buildings built between 1887 and 1900, are now on the site and will be demolished, the city report said. According to the report, the benefits of the project, such as increased housing, widened sidewalks and resurfaced roads, will outweigh the impact of losing the buildings.

The city’s Historic Buildings Commission said in a plan review that the building should be preserved even if the barn has to be moved to another part of the site.

“This property is one of the few legacies of drying fruit in the Santa Clara Valley that will be lost forever if the existing dwelling, barn and ancillary buildings are demolished,” the commission said. is writing in response to the Environmental Impact Report. for the project.

The developer said keeping the building would reduce the number of condominiums by 60-70%.

Henry Kord, a land use consultant for the project, said these cuts would make the project financially unfeasible, and said the barns and houses should not stop this development.

“This is an old building, not a historic building,” Cord told the San Jose Spotlight. “It took him 100 years for the city to designate it as a historic landmark, but it didn’t, as it is proposed to be demolished to make way for the projects listed in the urban settlement plan.” , should not be in the way.”

Betty Kabanek, who lives near the project site, said she’s not against the development, but is concerned about whether there will be enough parking.

“I think we’re doing people a disservice by building these places and not providing enough parking,” she told San Jose Spotlight. It’s become a big problem.”

The project is eligible under San Jose’s Urban Village Rules for 40% fewer parking spaces than would normally be required, with a total of 104 parking spaces. The city reports that 79 spaces are underground and 25 are on the first floor.

Parking was one of the key issues raised by residents who opposed approval of the hotel planned on the street. rejected by council last month.

Askari is also one of the ownership partners of the property at 1073-1087 S. Winchester Blvd. next door to the proposed condo. Askari also got approval from the city’s planning director for converting a nearby lot into his six-story mixed-use condominium.

Colliers real estate listings We are currently offering combined parcels of land for sale, touting a “Two-Phase Residential Condominium Development Opportunity”.

Ascari did not respond to a request for comment.

The San Jose Planning Commission will meet on Wednesday at 6:30 pm. The meeting agenda can be found at: here.

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