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We renovated our home, were horrified to find bones under it

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This does not mean a house with “good bones”.

The couple, who found bones in their newly purchased home during the renovation, remained shocked.

Cassidy Casale and Eton Marritt from Ontario, Canada, planned to buy and renovate their home in March. But when their dreams came true in April, they discovered something strange.

First there were newspapers from the 1960s, then there were bones.

Both pairs of 24 people told NeedToKnow.online that project manager Ethan found some bones under the house while working on electrical wiring.

Remains of unknown origin were described as “strangely large” and “suspicious,” shocking new homeowners.

“Finding the bones was a big shock to us and worried us for a while,” Cassidy said. “Some were obviously rodent bones, but some were strangely large and suspicious. This was the swan’s humerus.”

Cassidy Casale and Eaton Marit made a shocking discovery when remodeling a new home.
Jam press / @ flipthishouz
Couple renovating a house
The couple began renovating their new home in April.
Jam press / @ flipthishouz
Bones were found under their home.
Bones were found under their home.
Jam press / @ flipthishouz
Tik Tok finds bones in the house
Now with viral TikTok, the pair revealed their disturbing findings.
Jam Press Vid / @ flipthishouz

They left the remains where they were found and were able to continue their investigation until zoo archaeologists were able to identify the type of bone.

The couple shared their horrifying story on TikTok with a clip of a chilling discovery. Accumulate 2.5 million views..

Found bone
While in the crawling space under the new home, the couple discovered skeletal debris of unknown origin.
Jam Press Vid / @ flipthishouz

“I wish we had forged our views,” the caption read, as the commenters discussed the skeletal wreckage. Some warned refurbishments will be suspended for a short time, but others have claimed that it can be said that it is not a human corpse.

Rest assured, the pair posted an update to the viewer to confirm the origin of the bone animal.

Photos found at home
They also found a random collection of other items and belongings on the walls of the house.
Jam press / @ flipthishouz

“To date, I don’t know how the bones fell there,” Cassidy continued. “The only way to crawl space is through the hatch door inside. There is no opening from the outside because the outside is a completely hard stone.”

Some speculated that the house was built on a swan, but 130 years later, when the couple accidentally dug it up, it was well preserved.

Anyway, the refurbishment must take place in their $ 477,713 home.

Couple remodeling
Despite minor setbacks and eerie discoveries, the couple will move in after refurbishment.
Jam press / @ flipthishouz

“We liked the quirky features of old homes and were confident that we could use their charm to make them great,” she said. “It may not have been our first choice, but it has been a great adventure so far.”

“Adventure” is one way to express that, but the pair is tackling the challenge of working on an “extreme” budget of less than $ 77,685. So far, they have used only a small portion of the estimated cost.

Found bone
The couple’s bones, later updated on their TikTok account, were the remains of animals.
Jam Press Vid / @ flipthishouz

While their major project is still underway, the pair hopes to move to their new home next week with their beloved husky, Lilo.

“Old houses throw a lot of unplanned curved balls until they break the wall and actually start to go deep into the wall,” Cassidy added. “Eaton and I do all the work while working full time, so we don’t move very fast, but we work there every night and weekend.”

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