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Waymo comes to L.A., Overcrowded housing, and more

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Head to Bunker Hill this weekend. Los Angeles Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) launches a new augmented reality public art showcase, ‘Grand Ave Augmented’. Performed in partnership with an AR publishing platform hover ray, Grand Ave Augmented is free. All you need to access public art is your mobile device.

Running through June 2023, the AR displays include over 40 installations, 3D animations, interactive holograms and virtual music performances. Incorporates art and performances from MOCA, The Broad, Disney Hall, Colburn School and Music Center.

The Bowcroft Collectiongoogle map

Ratkovic Company We are buying land not far from the La Cienega/Jefferson metro station.

Los Angeles-based real estate developer this week Announcing the Acquisition of The Bowcroft Collection, a series of buildings between 5950 and 5978 Bowcroft Street near the intersection of Jefferson and Obama Boulevards. Ratkovich plans to convert about 73,000 square feet of property to serve companies in the creative industries, and the site will be home to his Amazon, Apple, Warner Bros. Discovery, Sony, TikTok, Nike, Adobe, and more. It is noted that it is located near corporate offices.

Many developers, including the Lincoln Property Company, are eyeing properties on the block surrounding the Baucroft Collection. Working on a 329,000-square-foot office complex at the intersection of Jefferson and Obama.

Here’s what I’m reading this week:

Waymo vehicleWikimedia Commons

Waymo One Next Destination: Los Angeles LA drivers sometimes seem to pay little attention to what’s in front of them. That could soon become a reality, as Waymo announced it would launch an autonomous commercial ride-hailing service in Los Angeles. (Waymo)

“I failed:” Kevin De Leon told CBS2 that he is refusing to resign from the LA City Council. Kevin De Leon, one of three councilors who made racist remarks in an October 2021 recording, has launched an apology tour and has rejected loud calls to resign. . (CBS2)

Developers of Angels Landing: After audio scandal, De León ‘couldn’t work with him anymore’ Large developers, on the other hand, Angel’s Landing Complex in Downtown said on Oct. 14 that it would refuse to work with Kevin De Leon in the future, suggesting racial prejudice could affect his treatment of the black-led development team. I have issued a letter. Peebles Corp. and his MacFarlane Partners development team are also negotiating with the city about the cost of repurchasing the land if the project fails. (commercial observer)

Aerial view looking southhandel architects

‘Gil Sedillo needs to resign,’ LA City Councilman says at City Hall Gil Sedillo, the third city councilor captured in the October 2021 recording, responded with near-complete silence.He was ordered to resign in December after losing his bid for re-election to his challenger earlier this year. Eunice Hernandez. (LA Times)

Metro Transit passenger numbers and services recover, but system still hampered by operator shortage “Metro has the budget to fully return transportation services to pre-pandemic levels, but does not have enough staff to run the buses.” (Street Blog LA)

Crammed: Los Angeles’ overcrowded housing intentionally brought death “This is a cruel paradox at the heart of Los Angeles housing. LA is known worldwide as the capital of single-family housing sprawl. There was housing: The COVID -19 pandemic has revealed deadly consequences with mortality rates in LA’s most overcrowded areas being at least twice as high as those in areas with adequate housing… It didn’t have to be like this….A century has passed with local leaders designing Los Angeles in such a way that crowded conditions are inevitable.” (LA Times)

LA loses far more affordable housing than it gains “For decades, city officials have used relatively scarce resources primarily to finance housing projects built by private developers in exchange for promises of affordable rentals to low-income residents. It has relied on federal subsidies, and to compensate, developers of new market-price housing will be able to sell more units if they agree to rent at prices low-income residents can afford. We are allowed to build.” (LAist)

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