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Walmart heir Lukas Walton, White Claw maker lease at Fulton Market building

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Separately, venture capital and impact investing firm Builders Vision has leased the top floor of an approximately 47,000-square-foot office in a 17-story building. This includes a roof terrace of approximately 2,000 square feet.

In addition to office transactions, Chicago-based Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises has confirmed that it has signed a 10,000-square-foot restaurant facing an outdoor corridor through the ground floor of the building.

The deal is part of a series of rental contracts for 750,000 square feet of real estate that is attractive to tenants looking for a new office during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed by a joint venture between Chicago-based company Shapack Partners and Focus, the building will be joined by coworking provider WeWork and professional services company Duff & Phelps (because it was renamed as Kroll) during public health. Landed the tenant of. The crisis has begun.

However, 167 N. Green has been weeping tenant signatures for the past two years and is now filling the building, with many companies adapting to the rise of remote work and continuing to rethink their workspace needs. I’m against a period of time. According to CBRE data, space savings outpaced new leasing activities and new buildings opened, resulting in record-high 20% vacancy in downtown offices last year.

On a different note at Fulton Market, the newly developed office property was filled with transactions from companies such as Kimberly-Clark, Deer, Ticktuck and Calamos Investments.

Mark Anthony Brands will expand its headquarters and move from its approximately 15,000-square-foot office at 328 S. Jefferson St in West Loop to the building. The new space will be separate from the 12,600 square foot office. Lease in 2019 According to the website, Mark Anthony Brewing’s 145 S. Wells St. is responsible for supply chain management and brewing services for Mark Anthony Group companies.

A spokesman for Mark Anthony Brands did not respond to requests for comment on this transaction. The company has grown rapidly in recent years with the success of White Claw, leading the entry into the hardselzer across the alcoholic beverage industry.

Klein’s report In June, the company led the market with 42% of Hardselzer sales. This is a lower share than the previous year, but still outperforms emerging competitors such as Molson Coors, Anheuser-Busch and Constellation Brands.

The Builders Vision lease will take place approximately six months after it was established as an affiliated company, including a venture capital fund. S2G VenturesInvestment Vehicle Builders Private Capital and Charity Builders Initiative, all linked Lucas Walton, Heir to the property of the Wal-Mart family based in Chicago. October Builders Vision announcement Creation of a $ 300 million fund to invest in companies developing technologies to combat climate change.

Builders Vision has taken up space for social media app company Snap Was negotiating a lease Last year for the new Chicago office. The transaction was never completed.

A Builders Vision spokeswoman has not commented on the Fulton Market lease.

Mark Anthony and Builders Vision are tenants of the Green Street building, including ArcBest, a supply chain logistics company that has signed a deal after the recent acquisition of CCC Intelligent Solutions, retailer Foxtrot Market, Jet Support Services, and Chicago-based freight brokerage company MoLo Solutions. I joined the list. ..

The restaurant group spokeswoman did not provide details about the specific plans for the space, but those companies will soon have a new lettuce restaurant in their building.

The developer spokesperson did not provide any comments.

Over the past decade, Shapack Partners has helped transform Fulton Market from the gritty corridors of butchers and food wholesalers to hotbeds for corporate offices, trendy restaurants and hotels. Neighboring developer projects include the Soho House Hotel and Private Club, the 29-story Parker Fulton Market Luxury Condominium Tower, the Hoxton Hotel, and a 7-story office building on 811 W. Fulton Street.

Recently, Shapack has worked with the development department of construction and design firm Clayco to demolish the long-standing Bridgford Foods processing plant opposite 167 N. Green St. 40-story multipurpose project On the site. The developer is seeking approval from the city council for the proposal.

Steve Schneider, Andy Heymann and Chip Evans of Cushman & Wakefield represented Mark Anthony Brands in the lease negotiations. Lease agents Pageo Neil and Annie Aldrich represented the joint venture between Shapack and Focus.

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