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Vision for transformative East Point Commons becomes clearer

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Plans are becoming clearer for the mixed-use Eastpoint development, which the mayor described as a fair and legacy project that represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Mynd Match Development Group plans to submit concept and preliminary plans for the Downtown East Point Commons redevelopment, or The Commons for short, to city leaders for review and approval by the end of this month, according to the city. A spokesperson tells Urbanize Atlanta this week.

The project leader plans to present an update to East Point City Council at its next meeting on September 6th.

A communal space off Main Street planned as part of the East Point Commons project. Mynd Match Development Group; Design, TVS

The exact start date of construction has not been determined. But since the project was announced in late 2021, plans for what The Commons will bring to the largely empty 9-acre site along Main Street have become more detailed.

As shown in the new site plan, The Commons requires approximately 79,000 square feet of commercial space in the form of offices, shops and restaurants.

On the residential side, 316 multifamily units and 23 townhomes are under construction, along with 11,440 square feet of amenity area. There are also plans for 403 parking spaces in two garages, with more parking spaces on the street.

The intention is to provide equitable housing, more services, and retail options while extending the city’s walkable charm north toward downtown Atlanta. The TVS-designed venture is expected to cost him $111 million, city officials said in December.

Masterplan for East Point Commons. Level 1 is on the left and level 2 is on the right. Mynd Match Development Group; Design, TVS

Future costs for townhome and apartment rentals at The Commons have not been specified. This is not uncommon for projects that are likely to take years to fully open in a turbulent market.

After the city council approved a development deal with Mynd Match in November, East Point Mayor Deana Holiday Ingraham predicted that The Commons would become a “placemaking destination that catalyzes downtown’s revitalization.” . Mynd Match Chairman and CEO Excell Lewis expects the project to create 1,500 jobs, including jobs for local contractors during the construction process.

Take a closer look at the context of the site, the latest renders, and progress updates in the gallery above.

East Point wants to build an outdoor gym decorated with Basquiat artwork (Urbanization of Atlanta)

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