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Virginia Delegate Accused of Damaging Neighbors’ Property – NBC4 Washington

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A Loudoun County couple complained that a Northern Virginia lawmaker damaged their property over the weekend.

Chris Kaufman says she and her partner have been in a long-running dispute with state’s Del Dave LaRocque over the use of a road leading to LaRocque’s home through an easement zone owned by Kalfman. It is one of the two roads leading to his house.

In a recent video, LaRock removes a private property sign from Curfman’s fence. LaRock has since removed the post where the security camera was mounted.

“It seems like a criminal act,” Kaufman said. “If you read the code, nothing says that easements can seize property and destroy it.”

However, Laroque defended his actions, saying neighborhood pledges prohibited signs other than property signs. , he says, stanchions can get in the way.

“The problem is in my hands,” said Laroque. “Actually, I took a pragmatic approach to solving it. , that’s the question I think.”

In 2020, LaRock faced misdemeanor criminal charges for trespassing and tearing down a gate across a road. He was convicted of one of his charges in a lower court, but was acquitted on appeal.

After the latest incident, Kaufman and her partner noted they had reached a “good neighborly settlement” with Laroque, requiring him to primarily use other roads to his property. , but encourages contractors and visitors to use the easement road instead.

“We just want him to leave our stuff alone and leave us alone,” Kaufman said. , we want to prevent others from using that property when they shouldn’t.”

A conservative Republican, LaRocque accuses him of trying to antagonize Kaufman by hoisting a rainbow flag on the road.

“Maybe she just wants all of our guests to know they are a support for the LGBBT community.

LaRock said his next move would be to file a civil suit to enforce his understanding of road use.

Kaufman called the sheriff’s office.

Laroque’s house is currently for sale.

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