Home News Video Game Tycoon Jon Burton Seeking $110M for Malibu Estate After Price Cut

Video Game Tycoon Jon Burton Seeking $110M for Malibu Estate After Price Cut

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Release: November 18, 2022 | to: American Luxury Staff

An idealized Spanish-style mansion in Malibu from the mid-1970s has recently hit the open market, courtesy of video game master John Burton. His company has developed titles for Sega, Disney, and Lego.according to mudBurton recently slashed the price of his sprawling clifftop estate from $125 million to $110 million.

To tell you the truth, it is vast. The 8-bed, 11-bath facility sits on 6.71 acres (6.71 acres) and is such a large buffer zone at the neck of the woods that the mundane task of getting home is a gated drive and gated courtyard entrance. Enough space to turn it into a romantic travel log. , and a gated loggia with hexagonal terracotta tile floors before arriving at the hacienda-inspired main house. A large lawn on the land side is separated by a large pool.

The interior culminates in a great double-height room. This cavernous space is warmed by a fireplace accent wall and has a raised hearth proportionately proportioned to its volume. The catwalk passes through a series of windows on his second floor with sea views between points A and B. However, flashy details aren’t the hallmark of this home’s living style, but a cryptic quality dominates that a few works of art are sure to disappear.

The grounds open onto the ocean side with a patio with Pacific views connected by stairs, a remote spa, and a series of boardwalks that traverse gardens and specimen landscaping.

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