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Video: $22B resort-inspired real estate development for St Thomas

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Along the southeastern corridor of the island behind the Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project between Port Antonio’s Harbor View in St. Andrew and Port Antonio in Portland, the long-awaited real-world wind is now ready to flow abundantly and publicly. Both physical and private initiatives have already been counted, especially through St. Thomas, apparently in the major development of the stream for the new frontier.

As the ongoing highway project passes through the parish, you may wish to live, work, or otherwise do business now or in St. Thomas, taking advantage of the impact of extensive infrastructure development along the corridors.

One of the major investments operating in the parish is the resort-inspired, ultra-chic Sun Coast Beach Club. ..

The development of 396 units, conceptualized with the all-inclusive resort standard of tourism fame in mind, will result in an apparently unique real estate setting on the island, the wider Caribbean region, and perhaps even further away.

Undoubtedly, from its blueprint and a rough overview of the planned ingredients, the Sun Coast Beach Club represents a fairly complete, rounded, upscale community with unparalleled variety of facilities and facilities. increase.

Judging from recent loops, detailed planning, overall range, and basic acceptance of some of the wonderful natural gifts of the property are coming as a sophisticated, stylish and stunning Sun Coast Beach Club. One of the things that unfolds annually is a news visit to the site.

The development came from a team led by Kevin Friss, CEO of TCF Holdings Limited, based in New Kingston.

Just 15 minutes from Metropolitan Kingston, the virtual gateway to St. Thomas is a two-bedroom and three-bedroom townhouse, a two-bedroom duplex, a three-bedroom villa, and a two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartment. Is to introduce the combination of.

However, it should be noted that it is just a “basic” summary that is as chic and comfortable as the housing is planned.

The real deal then takes place in the form of a seemingly super-premium list of support or complementary amenities.

It falls into five major categories: sports and fitness, recreation and relaxation, kid’N’play, beach activities and water sports, and community engagement. These are where the full reality of sensational pending development has returned from all perspectives. A unique concept and focus to embrace.

Tennis courts with private trainers, multipurpose hard courts, badminton courts, futsal courts, miniature golf parks with private trainers, fitness centers, jogging trails, hiking trails, etc. These are elements of sport and fitness.

A bird’s-eye view of early infrastructure work underway with the development of the Sun Coast Beach Club, 12 miles in St. Thomas.

For recreation and relaxation, there is a clubhouse with a bar and sports lounge, a game room, a spa, a yoga center and a dance studio. With the addition of a common swimming pool, sculpture park, picnic ground, observation deck, barbecue area, campground and dog run, things really start to magic.

Then there are water pools, skate parks, lots of pocket parks and mazes for young kids.

Beach activities and water sports include therapeutic black sands, change rooms, beach bars, barbecue facilities, surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing / paragliding facilities / settings, and weekend boat trips to downtown Lime Kay. I have. Kingston, Port Royal, Morant Bay, Port Antonio.

For community involvement, there are community gardens, farmers markets, event halls, and homeowner management offices.

According to the developers, these are all outside the commercial center, including clinics / emergency care centers, pharmacies, day care centers, boutique supermarkets, fast food stores, men’s and women’s grooming salons, electric car exchange stations, and roofs. Observatory and ATM.

The villa has a separate private pool and the overall combination of facilities is the best moment of resort-style life at home in St. Thomas, just a short distance from the big city of Kingston, thanks to the current Southern Coastal Highway. Will be. It’s going well.

A longtime entrepreneur in various fields, Frith is also a key figure in Ideas Execution Limited, who is responsible for a wide range of branding, marketing and promotion activities for fundamental spirits giant J Wray and Nephew Limited. He manages Manchester’s new Melrose Hill Yam Park.

As outlined in the attached video depicting the finished product in connection with the Sun Coast Beach Club, his main focus is to serve as promised in development and live stylishly in Jamaica. Is one of the most important places for.

The development, which will be officially launched later this year, will be built by a Spanish contractor that has a global presence and has left a mark on several major local resort facilities.

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