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Vacationers Turned the Hamptons Into a Year-Round Home. Business Followed.

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Behind the oldest lighthouse in New York, the Hamptons and Montauk summers once meant the strawberry ice cream cones of moms and pop shops, and the candy stores Nekko Wafers and Pop Rocks known as Fudge. For the locals, the influx of new faces will diminish at the beginning of autumn.

By winter, commercial areas were spotted with dark storefronts as vacationers withdrew from New York City’s provinces and beyond. Snow covers the softened East End landscape and pushes people who live all year round into their own season.

“The dichotomy of life is a little over,” said Jason Biondo, 47, a lifetime resident and local architect of Montauk, who renovated the lighthouse keeper’s dormitory a few years ago.

Faced with PandemicMany of the summer crowds that fled from Manhattan to the Hamptons remain, and the expansion of residential real estate has caused commercial change. From health care to food, the Hamptons are emerging with new businesses. More medical facilities are welcomed, but there are different feelings about some new restaurants.

“On the other hand, you can count the places between East Hampton, Amagansett, Montauk, Springs. This is a really affordable place to take all your kids to dinner without dropping $ 300. That’s what Biondo said. “I’m not dissatisfied because I also enjoy the benefits of being a builder, right? So I’m not going to bite my hand to feed me, but it’s impossible to ignore the elephants in the room.”

From April 2010 to April 2021, the population of the town of East Hampton, including the Montauk settlement, increased from 21,457 to 28,385, an increase of 32%. According to the United States Census data. In Southampton, the population increased by about 22% from 56,790 to 69,036 in the same time frame.

The New York Times told the owners of major hospitals and small businesses about their decision to take people to the summer resort area.

NYU Langone Health is constructing a West Hampton facility after opening a 3,500-foot outpatient facility in Bridgehampton in May 2021.

Vicki Match Suna, Executive Vice President and Vice President of Real Estate Development, said: And NYU Langone Health facility.

The Bridgehampton Lease for Hospitals, located on a prominent corner along the Bridgehampton section of the Montauk Highway, began in June 2019.

“Most of what’s available is a small retail type of space that didn’t really work for us and our use, so we have limited space available and find a site that suits our needs. It took a long time, “says Mr. Suna.

At the Bridgehampton facility, NYU Langone Health sought to integrate the culture of the region. The interior walls are adorned with art created by local artists. The accent pieces are made of driftwood, sea glass, and other local materials that are unique to the beachside community.

Tiffany LaBanca-Madarasz starts his business in July 2021 after seeing the “For Lease” sign at the Montauk storefront, which has housed the toy store “A Little Bit of Everything” for decades. I got the opportunity. PoppyHeart is a shop, cafe, gallery, art studio — a one-stop shop for creativity and community, and is the cornerstone of La Banca-Madarasz, who was responsible for PayPal’s employee communications and engagement for two years, 25 years later. In the telecommunications industry.

She raised two children in Manhattan, but La Banca-Madarasz said her family rented a house in Montoak every summer.

“I borrowed it every summer when my kid was growing up, so it was always in my heart.” This is our happy place. This is where we will eventually come full-time. ” Said La Banca-Madarasz. “As Covid and his kids go to college, we thought,’Let’s accelerate that plan and see if we can actually buy a house.'” “

She said she was given a new perspective at the age of fifty. She said, “I was ready for something bigger, more interesting and entrepreneurial, and Poppy Heart was born.”

Poppy Heart provides consistency in areas accustomed to the rhythm of the season. “I made it for Montoak because I don’t have much to do in Montoak, especially during the off-season and rainy days,” she said. She says, “You can paint pottery, paint canvas, play with clay, and make jewelry.”

Some of the stores are called “A Little Bit of Everything” and sell nostalgic toys in honor of their predecessors.

As an established restaurant owner, Donna Leonard has resisted bringing Il Buco al Mare to the Hamptons for years. But when the pandemic happened, the right opportunity emerged.

“It was definitely not working before,” Leonard said of the pandemic, arguing that he didn’t want to run a restaurant in the same place he owns a country house. “It’s an unruly Donna stepping into the mud, no way, how are you going to have a restaurant I go to to relax?”

Leonard first soaked his toes in a pop-up in the summer of 2020 at the Malam Hotel in Montauk. She describes it as “like a small kiosk, with 80 outdoor seats on a large terrace overlooking the sea.”

At the end of the summer, Ilbuco’s team members told her she was happy to the east. An acquaintance offered to show Leonard the space of the Amagansett many times, and she declined.

“We had about 12 people working in Montoak, and they said,’Let’s go see the space in Amagansett,'” she said. “So we did, and everyone loved it, and we made an offer, and they rejected our offer. So I was like hu! “

Coming in January, Leonard had the same acquaintance for a drink in front of the fire. When she asked who took the place, she found that her transaction had failed. By 2021 Memorial Day, Ilbuco Al Mare was open for business in Amagansett.

Leonard definitely warmed up to a new location. “Kicking and screaming, I really accepted it.”

“I think it’s natural that many medical buildings have emerged in the last few years,” said Douglas Elliman’s broker, who rented space to Weill Medical College to open a clinic last summer. Aaron Curty said.

Curty, who has lived in the East End for 25 years all year round, said the Hamptons had moved to a full-time community for many residents, and there was an urgent need for full-service medical facilities.

During the pandemic, he added, Weil Cornell learned that many of their doctors and employees also have homes in the area.

The clinic, which fills a 4,000-square-foot space on the highly prominent corner of the Montauk Highway and Flying Point Road, was designed to promote the health of patients and staff while respecting the natural elements of the location, and of the organization. Emilmerton, Head of Design, said. Construction in capital planning.

The new practice specializes in primary care (internal medicine and family medicine) and assisted reproductive technology. According to the organization’s representative, Weill Cornell Medicine will offer additional disciplines such as dermatology and cardiology as needed.

At Kisaki, a Manhattan restaurant that opened a watermill in June 2020, the omakase counter experience can cost more than $ 100 per person. However, prices vary from place to place.

“I’m sure not everyone in Southampton is interested in paying $ 200 per person to eat out at dinner,” said Justin Marquez, head of restaurant operations. .. “Maybe I’ll push and pull a little with the locals about a reasonable daily diet.”

The need to adapt is well known to the Kissaki team. The first Kissaki location in Manhattan opened in January 2020 and closed in March. The owner and chef’s partner pivoted to build a successful takeaway business. They decided to open a Kisaki branch for a variety of reasons, including lowering rents in the Hamptons.

“By June 2020, there were many Hamptons landlords who were willing to make prices more flexible,” he said.

Kissaki, who opened “O by Kissaki” in East Hampton in August 2021, is also working on that flexibility.

“To be a good partner with the community, we are actively reassessing our pricing structure to reach our tourists, not just during the high season. We provide high quality products throughout the year. We exist as an excellent partner to do so, “says Marquez.

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