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Upscale New UES Condo Is Dangerous, Moldy, Poorly Built, Residents Say

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UPPER EAST SIDE, NY — A brand-new luxury condo building on the Upper East Side has been plagued by shoddy construction and financial fraud by its developers, with residents claiming they are filing new lawsuits. I’m here.

of suit It was filed Tuesday by the Commission at 172 East 82nd St. Wrap-up It was built last year on the corner of Third Avenue.

Although marketed as “top of the line luxury,” residents say the building has “significant damage,” including large cracks along the limestone façade panels that have caused debris to fall onto the sidewalks of East 82nd Street. It said it was suffering from “life safety issues”. Fire protection, extensive water leaks, well-ventilated windows, “stink problem”, discolored tap water, mold in two apartments.

Meanwhile, residents say the developer of the building is a group that includes companies. Nexus Building Development When Duncron — “exploited the condominium to serve and promote their own economic interests,” and took full control of the building’s boards to avoid repairing the defective construction.

In one case, the developer appointed one of its affiliates as the building’s management company and used the condo’s funds to pay its own staff and vendors instead of covering “necessary repairs.” said the lawsuit.

The developer, on the other hand, could not obtain a permanent certificate because it allowed the building’s temporary occupancy certificate to expire, the lawsuit alleges.

According to city records, the developer of the building piled up recently faced tens of thousands of dollars in fines for construction-related violations Complaint About the remaining debris around the building site, which one resident called “neighbourhood devastation.”

Residents allege that they owed a total of $16 million in damages from the developers and the people they appointed to the condo board for alleged breach of contract, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty.

They are also seeking $5 million from ODA Architects, the prominent firm that designed the building.

The ODA declined to comment, but Nexus and Dankron did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The lawsuit mirrors another lawsuit filed in May by a resident of a luxury condominium at 165 East 62nd Street. They claimed that their building “was riddled with imperfections.” Records show that the lawsuit, which seeks $8 million in damages, is still pending in court.

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