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UPDATED How much of Coyote Pass does each of the sister wives own?

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Four years after the Brown family in TLC. sister wives Purchased four parcels of undeveloped land near Flagstaff, Arizona that would become known as Coyote Pass. Kody Brown’s name was on all four of her parcel deeds, and each wife’s name was on at least one of her parcels.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about how the properties are actually divided thanks to Coyote Pass’s misleading property map featured on the show. Kristin Brown recently dropped her name from Coyote Pass’s biggest plotwhich makes things even more confusing.

Me previously posted About how the coyote pass is divided between the wives according to the actual county property records. This is a map of Coyote Pass, outlining the four parcels, each named on the deed when it was originally purchased by the Browns.

Coyote Paz's property division between sister wives

We’ve put together a breakdown of each lot, including the purchase price, square footage, and how much Browns actually paid upfront in terms of down payment or full amount.

property one
Owners: Kody, Robyn, Christine
Price: $300,000
Paid: Full
Acres: 5.16

Property 2
Owners: Kody, Janelle, Meri
Price: $180,000
Paid: Full
Acres: 4.48

Property 3
Owners: Kody and Robyn
Price: $170,000
Paid: $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42

Property 4
Owners: Kody and Janelle
Price: $170,000
Paid: $23,800 down payment
Acres: 2.42

Here’s a chart showing the breakdown of square footage by wife when the Coyote Pass was first purchased. We removed Kody from the equation and included him in the center of the graph, along with his total Coyote Pass area of ​​14.48 acres.

Sister Wives Coyote Pass ownership chart. Who owns how much land?

Coyote Pass after Christine left

Robin Brown began to make her name on more square footage than any other wife. That number only increased when Christine removed her name from the deed of her largest lot (Property One). Below is a revised chart reflecting the area based on having her wife’s name listed on her four property deeds, and a revised map reflecting Christine’s departure.

Coyote Pass Ownership Graph by Sister Wives and Cody Brown

If Coyote Path was a board game, Robin would obviously win.

For a more complete breakdown of how Coyote Pass is split between wives, including more detailed graphs and maps, check out this video.

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