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UES, UWS Jews Not So Different After All, Mapmaker Decides

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Upper East Side, NY — A creative debate about keeping the Upper East Side and Upper West Side in separate districts Jewish population is different Rejected by the state cartographer on Friday. He said the two districts have more in common than they are aware of.

The final legislative map by the court-designated special master Jonathan Selbus is Approved Last week, Judge Patrick McAllister of the Steuben County Supreme Court made many changes to the state’s political situation.

Cervas has made some edits to the new map in response to public feedback received a few days after the first draft was released last Monday.But one big decision did not change: the merger of Manhattan Combine Upper East Side and Upper West Side For the first time in recent memory, in a single parliamentary district.

“The areas of the city adjacent to the other side of Central Park do not seem to be as strongly distinguished in terms of economic and demographic differences as they once were,” Cervas writes. Document Explain his reasoning.

“Therefore, this is a difficult choice, but we can’t find a compelling and interested community to change the composition of Manhattan’s parliamentary district on the proposed map.”

A map Manhattan’s current parliamentary district (left) and the new 12th district (right) proposed by special master Jonathan Selbus. (Mapbox / Urban Studies Center, City University of New York)

This paved the way for the August primary between long-time MPs Jelly Nadler and Carolyn Maloney. Also, keep the two districts apart.

“Tends to break the distinction”

Some of them letter “Eastside Jews can be clearly distinguished from Westside Jews,” from a leader of the Jewish Community Relations Council in New York, who told Selbus and the courts.

“Eastside Jews rarely belong to the Westside synagogue, and vice versa,” wrote the council chairman and CEO. “In most cases, Westside Jewish parents rarely send their children to Eastside Jewish schools.”

Selbus, who hasn’t been directly argued, tends to believe that Central Park “can be seen as a green space for shared activities that integrates Uptown Manhattan,” rather than splitting both sides of Manhattan. Stated.

Special Master Jonathan Selbus argued against keeping the Upper East Side and West Side in separate districts. (NY Supreme Court)

And because the new District 12 extends from under Central Park to Midtown, “the distinction between the East and the West tends to collapse as we move further south,” Cervas writes.

Indeed, Cervas isn’t the only one skeptical about the possible contrast between the two neighbors.

“I grew up in UWS and stuck to the view that it was more bohemian, wealthier and less snooty than the swells of the Upper East Side.” Tweet Monday’s New York Times reporter Michael Powell. “… By the end of the 1980s, it was a rapidly eroded conceit, and today it is ridiculous.”

Ben Wetzler, leader of the Democratic District of the Upper East Side, enjoyed the idea that neighborhoods were dramatically different.

“for example, [on] On W 80th Street, there is a grocery store called Zabar’s, named after Saul Zabar. Wetzler Tweet.. “On the other hand, E 80th Street has an Eli’s Market named after Eli Zabar.”

Jelly Nadler (left) and Carolyn Maloney (right) head for the primary elections in August under the city’s new parliamentary map. (Demetrius Freeman / Mayoral Photography Office; Shutterstock / lev radin)

Selbus was more sympathetic to some other criticisms of his first map. For example, the new map reintegrates Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant into a single district. Complaints that the first draft split it in two..

The most direct result of the new district is the August 23 Democratic primary between Nadler and Maloney, each representing their respective western and eastern neighborhoods for nearly 30 years.

The thorns are already flying: Maloney, 76, said in a statement, “I won’t stand aside because of the male ego.”Nadler, 74, said in his own statement, “Look.[s] “I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve the West Side,” he said. “I am excited to more fully introduce myself and my record of principled and progressive leadership to the East Side residents.” ..

On the other hand, Slazy Patel Run twice against Maloney In her former East Side district, Confirmed On Tuesday, he challenged her and Nadler in the primary and said, “New Yorkers are hungry for change.”

Lana Abdelhamid was progressive Implement a well-funded task I haven’t told Maloney if she will run in the new district yet.

“Currently, the Lana campaign for Congress is taking time to look back on their campaign and talk to their broader coalition, volunteer leaders, and staff,” spokesman Natalia Riff told Patch on Tuesday. Abdelhamid added that he would make the final decision by May 31st. Deadline for ballot acceptance.

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