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UES Offices Destroyed By Billionaire’s Botched Renovations: Lawsuit

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UPPER EAST SIDE, N.Y. — The Upper East Side medical clinic was vandalized when contractors of a billionaire shoe store owner left the upstairs sink running all weekend, new lawsuit alleges. claim.

ALDO founder Aldo Bensadon has been sued by Dr. Steven J. Nicholas for damaging his office at the Saga House condominium on East 74th Street between Third and Lexington Avenues in 2021, according to the court. A million dollar lawsuit was filed. record.

Nicholas accuses Bensadon of hiring an inexperienced firm — in ALDO report The lawsuit says it aims to build a luxurious triple home for her daughter, Daniela, in her economic struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Given the financial difficulties of the Aldo Group and the Bensadon family, the Bensadon family has cut corners,” the lawsuit states. “[They] We hired a Quebec-based general contractor with limited experience in construction work in New York City. ”

Nicholas and 14 other doctors SJN propertiesthe real estate firm that also participated in a lawsuit filed Thursday in Manhattan Supreme Court against the Condominium Board.

Requests for comment sent to attorneys for SAJO, ALDO Group and Condominium Board did not immediately return.

Beginning in 2015, Bensadoun purchased three adjacent third-floor apartments directly above the clinic for about $6.7 million through a limited partnership, according to the lawsuit.

ALDO’s founders then hired SAJO, a Quebec-based company, as the general contractor to implement the project, the lawsuit says.

Trouble began on the night of November 12, 2021, when a SAJO employee left the faucet running in one of the 6.5 bathrooms in Bensadoun’s triple facility.

At the center of the lawsuit is the Saga House Condominium, an 11-story building between Lexington and Third Avenues. (Google Map)

The sink continued to run until Sunday when workers at the building saw “water spilling from the third floor and soaking the outside of the building,” according to the lawsuit.

By the time employees turned off the flooded sink, two of the orthopedic surgeon’s three office units were destroyed, along with part of the lobby. A “catastrophic” flood occurred, the lawsuit said.

It ended up costing Nicholas’ office and SJN about 100 to restore sheetrock walls, ceilings, tile floors, cabinets, equipment, countertops, thermostats, electrical systems, and other items damaged by the flood. It cost millions of dollars, the lawsuit says.

Nicholas and SJN now allege that Bensadoun, through his LP, was negligent in hiring SAJO to do the renovation. This is because the company “didn’t have much experience managing and conducting construction in New York City,” the lawsuit said.

Since the condominium board is also responsible for maintaining the building, SJN and Nicholas named them in the lawsuit as well, seeking at least $1 million in damages from the contractor, board, and Bensadon company.

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