Home News UBS has released its annual house-price bubble report. Here are the most overvalued markets.

UBS has released its annual house-price bubble report. Here are the most overvalued markets.

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The housing market is itself in recession as mortgage rates have skyrocketed. If the economists’ consensus is correct for the existing home sales report due in the morning, sales are down 28% from their peak.

As such, UBS’s 7th Annual Global Real Estate Bubble Report differs from that released at the start of a period of recession rather than a wave of excess.

“Owners’ willingness to pay for the homes they live in could take a hit. This is not the most likely outcome as markets rarely plateau,” the report said.

UBS’s report is global, so only five US markets are analyzed: Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, and New York. The bad news is that all five are overrated. The good news is that none of the five are called bubble risks. UBS noted that, with the exception of Miami, other cities have not seen price increases as high as the national average. The report also warns that while income growth is very strong, the squeeze on affordability is likely to start to take its toll.

According to UBS, the most bubbled market globally is Toronto, followed closely by Frankfurt. Inflation-adjusted price levels in Vancouver and Toronto have more than tripled over the past 25 years.

“In such an overheated market, housing affordability has already been stretched so much that a recent rate hike by the Bank of Canada could be the final straw to break the camel’s back. Not only do new buyers and owners in negotiations have to pay higher interest rates, they also have to provide more income to qualify for a mortgage.

UBS rankings are based on five factors. Price to income, price to rent, change in his GDP share of mortgages, change in construction GDP share, relative prices between city and country.


US Stock Futures


Even as Treasury yields climbed and Tesla’s performance disappointing, stocks began to languish. 10 year government bond yield

It reached the highest level since 2007.crude oil futures

Exceeded $86 per barrel.


UK Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned abruptly following financial market turmoil and Conservative uprising.


Stocks drop 6% in pre-market trading after electric car maker’s stock plunge Third quarter margins and earnings were below expectations. The failure did not affect CEO Elon Musk’s confidence. Tesla’s valuation exceeds Apple and Saudi Aramco combinedhe also said a share buyback of up to $10 billion is under consideration.

Musk also said he was overpaying on Twitter

However Excited about the possibilities of social media services.


stock price then rises Telecom giants beat analyst earnings estimates.


stock skidd after the insurer said they were expecting a third quarter loss describes increased coverage for catastrophic losses and personal injury and property damage caused by Hurricane Ian. IBM

However, it rose after the tech giant upgraded its annual sales growth outlook.

European telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson

and Nokia

Each depressed after the result.

Philip Morris

Raised the Swedish Match offer

Separately agreed to pay $2.7 billion for U.S. rights to Altria’s IQOS heated tobacco products

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china surveillance The state is pushing deeper into the lives of its citizens.

ABC News producer colleague They say they haven’t seen him since his house was raided by the FBI.

dig deep Florida Governor Ron DeSantisIf former President Donald Trump does not, he could seek the Republican presidential nomination.


Oakmark Fund

Oakmark Funds’ Bill Nygren produced this chart in his third-quarter shareholder letter showing the S&P 500’s 50th highest stock price and 450th PE ratio for capital adequacy. Its variance is he 40% wider than normal. “As is often the case, abnormally high volatility leads to large spreads in valuations. This is and we believe will continue to be the right environment for adding value through stock selection,” he said. increase.

top ticker

As of 6:00 AM ET, the most active stock market tickers on MarketWatch are:


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AMC Entertainment






Bed Bath & Beyond


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