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U.S. Mortgage Rates Top 7%, Highest in More Than 20 Years

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The average interest rate for 30-year fixed mortgages this week was 7.08%, according to a survey of lenders by mortgage giants.

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just seven weeks ago rate was less than 6%A year ago it was just over 3%.

The last time mortgage rates were this high was when the dot-com bubble burst. Prices were trending downward. It’s in the middle of his 40-year run that underpinned the growth of the mortgage market and boosted homeownership rates, most of which fell.

Interest rates have reversed sharply this year after being pushed higher by the Federal Reserve Aggressive interest rate hikes aimed at curbing inflationThe monthly borrowing cost to buy a house is additional interest that the buyer must pay at a higher rate.it is on pandemic housing boom That made prices soar.

According to residential property website Realtor.com, a buyer who takes a 20% markdown on an average-priced home would receive a monthly payment of $2,300. This is an almost 80% increase in monthly payments compared to his year ago when he was $1,300. (Realtor.com is operated by the parent company of The Wall Street Journal.

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This tripped potential buyers like Pat Nerney and Kate Hardiman. Since the spring, we have been looking for a bigger home in Tampa, Florida in preparation for the birth of our second child. Rising interest rates have reduced the amount they can offer for new homes by more than $100,000, Mr Nahney said. I couldn’t find a home that met both my requirements and my budget.

Nahney said he has made multiple offers below the asking price, but has not asked sellers to cut prices by more than a few thousand dollars. The transaction did not go through.

A series of interest rate hikes has spilled over into the US economy and is expected to rise further. The WSJ analyzes the numbers hitting American wallets this year and beyond. Photo: Elise Amendola/Associated Press

“Sellers are obsessed with price,” he said. “People looking to buy are stuck no matter what their budget is.”

The housing market is central to the Fed Efforts to curb inflation by raising interest ratesHouse prices rose sharply last year, pushing up overall inflation.but a higher rate drove potential buyers out of the market.

Existing home sales fell 24% in September from a year ago and New home sales down 18%. Housing prices It’s starting to slide month by monthHowever, it does little to offset the increased purchase cost. Prices are still rising compared to a year ago.

According to one measure, interest rate increases over the past few weeks have been Fastest on percentage basis records from half a century ago. Mortgage lenders and realtors say the speed has been particularly erratic.

Ralph Dibunyala, senior vice president of New York City-based mortgage lender Cardinal Financial, said: “People are just afraid.”

The pace is slowing, but sales are still going. Some people who came in prefer milder clips on the market this year Compared to last year, when homes were sold in plain sight and bidding wars were commonplace.

“Dealing volumes are definitely slowing, but people are still looking for homes,” said John Hastings, senior loan officer at Intercap Lending in Colorado Springs, Colorado. mortgage interest rate.

Buyers are turning to more variable rate loans as they make purchases.others use loans Reduce the rate for the first few years.

However, a decline in buyers has taken the momentum away from the hot market.

John Hussey began thinking about selling his Massachusetts home in April, but by the time he put it on the market after completing some repairs in June, the price had gone up and the market had cooled.

His real estate agent recommended selling for $30,000 less than previously discussed. He thought there would be a bidding war as the price dropped, but in the end he got one offer at his asking price. he accepted.

He closed in September and moved closer to his family in the Chicago area. “There’s a lot of built-in stress,” he said.

Since then, the market has continued to slow down.

“My list is all on the market right now,” said Allison Williams.

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Realtor in the Sacramento, California area. “He’s been on the market for over 30 days. Six months ago, four days for him on the market would have been a long time.”

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