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Trump property appraiser held in contempt in NY civil probe

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New York (AP) — A company that evaluated some of Donald Trump’s most valuable assets was contempt of court for missing the deadline for submitting a civil investigation document on the business practices of the former President of the Attorney General of New York. Was asked.

Judge Arthur Engoron of Manhattan said late Tuesday that real estate services company Cushman & Wakefield would “intentionally” comply with Attorney General Leticia James’s subpoena seeking records on Trump’s assets, including the suburbs. “Failure” was shown. Seven Springs Estate, Office buildings on Wall Street, skyscrapers in Chicago, golf courses in Los Angeles.

Engoron has ordered Cushman & Wakefield to pay a $ 10,000 per day fine from Thursday if he does not fully comply with James’ subpoena.Same judge Recently lifted Trump’s insult order After a two-month court battle over his slow response to a documentary subpoena in James’ investigation.

Engoron gave him more after missing the June 27 deadline set by Cushman & Wakefield to the company to submit a subpoena in a written order posted in court documents Wednesday morning. He seemed furious when he asked for time. The company said last year that it would no longer do business with Trump’s company, The Trump Organization.

“Cushman & Wakefield is only responsible if you choose to boldly handle the oncoming deadline,” Engoron wrote.

Cushman & Wakefield said he would appeal against Engoron’s ruling after months of legal jousting between Engoron’s lawyer and James’ office.

In a written statement, Cushman & Wakefield said that Engoron’s derogatory findings “showed that he could not understand the extreme length that Cushman took to comply with court orders.” Stated.

“We have spent a great deal of money and effort quickly identifying, collecting, reviewing, and creating the large number of documents requested by (James’ office). Currently, we have over hundreds of thousands of pages of documents and over 650. We are creating a rating. The final subpoena was issued in February 2022, “the company said.

James’ subpoena not only sought records of Cushman & Wakefield’s work at Trump, but also valuation made by the company on other assets not owned by Trump. As of February, the company said it had spent more than $ 500,000 in storing the documents required by James’ investigation.

Democrat James said in her three-year study that Trump’s company, the Trump Organization, Misunderstood the value of an asset Like skyscrapers and golf courses in financial statements for over a decade.

Republican Trump denied the claim. He said James’ investigation was part of a politically motivated “witch hunt.”

A message asking for comment was left on the Trump spokesperson.

James’s office demanded sanctions against Kushman & Wakefield and welcomed the insulting findings.

“The work of Donald Trump and the Trump Organization in Cushman & Wakefield is clearly relevant to our investigation. Measures for the court to recognize it and force Cushman to comply with the subpoena. I’m pleased to have taken this, “James said in a statement. “No matter how powerful, no one or company goes beyond the law.”

In addition to the reputation, Cushman & Wakefield has been providing intermediary services to Trump and his company, The Trump Organization, for many years. James’s office has provided multiple subpoenas at the company, including September and February last year.

In addition to information about Trump’s assets, the Attorney General’s office also wants documents about the larger business relationship between Cushman & Wakefield and the Trump Organization.

In another subpoena battle, Engoron declared Trump on April 25 for contempt of court, alleging that he was slow to respond to the subpoena issued by James’ office and lifted the order at the end of last month. Trump paid a $ 110,000 fine He stood up as a result of a derogatory discovery.

Trump and his two oldest children, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr., Testify under an oath In James’s investigation, beginning July 15, after the Supreme Court of the State rejected his last attempt to evade the subpoena.

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