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Town planners, residents object to Smithtown real estate company’s bid to expand parking lot

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A Smithtown commercial real estate firm’s application to expand parking into a residential area off Highway 111 is in jeopardy after city planners recommended against the approval.

The Zoning Appeals Board Trustee has postponed the hearing of an application at the request of the attorneys of Island Associates Real Estate, 444 Rte until January 24th. 111, to give the company time to revise its design.

Timothy Mattimore, the attorney representing the limited liability company associated with the island, told the board of directors on Oct. 25, “I think it’s a good application, but I’m not sure if we can negotiate a reasonable solution. I have to look into it.

His request came after an October 20 advisory report by planner Blaise Donadio that said the company’s requested deviations from the town’s code were “substantial and could be harmful to the community.” It turned out that there is a nature.

A blueprint submitted to the City Planning Department removes the stretch of forest that had separated the building from the houses on the west side for years, leaving 66 parking spaces there and elsewhere on the site. This is what I was looking for on an island. The space extends 94 feet into the residential area but is set back 28 feet from the west property line and 33 feet from the south property line with a 10 foot planted buffer. The company requires a special exception to town zoning that prohibits parking of buildings in residential areas, along with some differences, including those that allow a reduction in the required buffer. Parking lot extension or buffer equal to 94 feet required.

Mattimore did not respond to a request for comment. Island’s managing director, Roger DeLisle, was not available for an interview.

City planner Peter Hans told Newsday that city planners have seen “a lot of unused parking lots” at the site in recent months. In the coming months, members of the Zoning Appeals Board will discuss whether there is “really this need” for parking and whether alternative designs will allow more parking while better adhering to town zoning. He said he would consider whether he could provide it.

In the filing, company representatives said the expansion would boost 137 existing spaces and ease parking shortages that sometimes force workers and building visitors to park on nearby streets. “Severe plant screening will be added,” and “lighting will be diverted from the residence,” according to the filing.

But residents questioned the company’s commitment.The island “did so much [parking] Cars are idling, people are talking, people are smoking,” said Paula Klingelhofer, a semi-retired school administrator who has lived north of the Fawn Place site for 38 years.

She and her husband spent thousands of dollars on evergreens to screen their property. This was due to the island’s installation of lighting in the parking lot and the lack of plantings that the company installed “like little bushes” at the edge of the property. A lot of barriers.

A particularly gnawing moment, she said, came when the island’s contractors demolished a concrete wall enclosing part of the site. It’s 7:00 am on a recent Sunday morning. “He wasn’t a good neighbor,” she said.

Another resident, Steve Matteo, a publisher who lives on Tanglewood Drive, said the forest to the west of the island’s buildings insulates the noise of the generators, which occurs almost every day, and drains rainwater. He said it helps with absorption.

He said he wasn’t optimistic about the January hearings. “We feel like we’ve been hijacked. They’re not going to change their plans to accommodate us.

Island Associates real estate plan

was suggested: 66 new parking lots

existing: 137 units

Source: Smithtown Planning Authority document

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