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Tony Hsieh estate to sell ‘some’ Las Vegas real estate holdings

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Nearly two years after Tony Hsieh’s family filed more than 100 sale notices in court, his estate has officially announced the sale of “a portion” of the huge Las Vegas real estate portfolio he has assembled. Decided.

Hsieh Realty said Friday it will begin a marketing process to allow potential new owners to continue what Tony started, accelerating momentum and continuing to spur development and growth. has decided to put a portion of its downtown property for sale.” within the area. “

DTP Companies, a side-venture of the late tech mogul, said “substantial investment of new capital and a significant increase in new development in the downtown area would be required,” but neither were “in a position to undertake at this time. ”.

The news release didn’t provide any additional details about the sales process, such as which parcels will be for sale or whether the property has been priced.

However, it said an update was provided as the process “progressed” and that all companies under DTP’s umbrella were “continuing business and operating as usual.”

Hsieh, former CEO of online shoe retailer Zappos and face of the downtown Las Vegas revival, died of injuries in a Connecticut house fire on November 27, 2020 at the age of 46.

He moved Zappos from the Henderson office park to the old Las Vegas City Hall in 2013 and invested heavily in the Fremont Street area through a $350 million side venture originally called the Downtown Project. rice field.

He has funded bars, restaurants and technology start-ups, One of Downtown’s Largest Property Ownersbuy apartments, office buildings and other sites.

Hsieh left no will and as part of his probate lawsuit filed by his family 100+ sales notifications In February 2021, Clark County District Court over two days on his Las Vegas property.

Shay’s darker side came into the spotlight soon after his death, as newsgroups reported that he used drugs and exhibited unusual behavior.

People familiar with Shay’s life in Park City, Utah, where he emerged after the pandemic hit, told Review Journal in late 2020 that the walls of the mansion he owned were covered in sticky notes. The house was a regular party spot. Hsieh was known to stay in his room for days at a time. His staff was said to include court stenographers hired to record what people said.

After his death, the trial contains a detailed account of Shea. Drug use and strange behavioralso alleging that people close to him took advantage of him financially as his health deteriorated.

Hsieh also bought several homes in Park City in 2020 and his family has applied. About 20 sales notices One day in March 2021, in Clark County District Court for his estate in a wealthy Utah ski town.

Friday’s news release did not provide an update on these holdings.

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