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Tiny UES ZIP Code Is Among America’s Only All-Rental Areas: Study

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Upper East Side, New York — As you pass the Pavilion Apartment Building on East 77th Street, you may notice that the 17-story white brick tower is unremarkable.

In fact, it has a strange difference. The rental building has its own zip code 10162. This stands out as one of his five zip codes in the US where the entire population rents homes.

according to, new research RentCafe surveyed some of the US zip codes with the highest percentage of renters. 10162 has an estimated 1,240 residents, and all other rental zip codes in Nashville, San Francisco, Dallas, and Fourth Worth all have less than 6,400 residents.

The L-shaped 10162 runs along East 77th Street between York Avenue and FDR Drive. It covers the Pavilion at 500 East 77th St., as well as John Jay Park.

A RentCafe study released last week focused on 101 zip codes across the United States where the majority of homeowners have transitioned to renters over the past decade. The fastest growing neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio saw the most dramatic increase in renters, followed by zip codes in the heart of downtown Chicago.

There were no New York zip codes in areas that have seen a big shift from owning to renting in recent years. Perhaps because the tenant-centric real estate market has already been cemented for decades.

In fact, New York, long known as the city of renters, is a big part of the list of America’s most rented zip codes. According to the survey, 44 of the nation’s top 316 postal codes are within five administrative districts.

This includes five other Upper East Side zip codes, according to RentCafe’s research, with the following percentage of renters as of 2020:

  • 10065: 65.5% renters, 19,660 total renters (173rd in the nation)
  • 10128: 65.1% renters, 37,542 renters overall (177th in the nation)
  • 10021: 50.5% renters, 21,047 renters overall (#312 nationally)
  • 10028: 62.2% renters, 29,765 renters overall (201st in the US)
  • 10075: 56.0% renters, 12,373 renters overall (259th in the nation)

Aside from the tiny 10162, New York City’s most rented zip code is 10037, which covers a few dozen blocks north of 130th Street in Harlem — 94.5% of residents live in the large Lenox Terrace and Savoy Park Tenants in that zip code that contain apartments. .

Built in 1964, the Pavilion Building, comprising all of 10162, was “probably the largest and most impressive high-rise luxury apartment of its time,” according to the building’s real estate listing.

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