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This Wildly Contemporary Home in the Arizona Desert Took 12 Years to Build

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position: Scottsdale, Arizona

price: $ 6.99 million

This modern desert landscape of Arizona is a livable work of art that blends in with your surroundings. Its design is centered around private landscaping and features rotating glass doors leading to external spaces.

Called the “Door House,” this Sonoran Desert home is located in a residential development just outside Scottdale, with statue-like cacti and rocks in the background.It was built using Rammed earth technology Features a cutout shape, a spa bath with glass reclining chairs, and onyx indoor / outdoor bathrooms.

According to distributor Dan Walski, the house is a truly livable work of art, from architectural techniques and glass walls to beautifully incorporated furniture. “My favorite part is [primary] Shower room door that rotates into an indoor / outdoor space. The entire house is made and designed like a Swiss luxury watch. “

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The house blends seamlessly into the desert environment through its materials and design

Las Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty

Designed by Phoenix-based architect Wendell Burnett, the fortress-like house was built 18 inches at a time on the peninsula between the two Arroyos over a period of more than 12 years. Part of the Scottsdale Desert Mountain community, it’s designed to be inward-looking so it won’t be overlooked. Its courtyard is home to a landscape of native trees, cacti and plants that are a living art.

The glass walls blend the interior with the landscape and line up along the courtyard, bringing landscaping and sky views to the home. It has an internal glass link bridge that straddles the depressions of the earth, its wonderful rooms offer a golf course, panoramic views of the mountains and capture the sunset and the Sonoran Desert.

In addition to the library and spa, Arizona’s homes feature a cool stainless steel kitchen, an outdoor kitchen, and comfortable outdoor recreational amenities such as a rock fire pit overlooking the starry sky.


The property has 7,412 square feet of living space, 3 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and 1.36 acres of land.


The 2009 Scottsdale Desert Estate features a breakfast / wet bar, a library and office, a cinema room and a wine cellar. There is also a fitness room, a spa bathroom with a built-in glass recliner, a powder room, a shower and a laundry room.

Neighborhood notes

The property is located in the exclusive Scottsdale Desert Mountain community. It is located in one of the collections of the village known as Cochise-Geronimo, which has its own golf course. The community is 31 miles from Central Scottsdale and 47 miles from Phoenix.

Agent: Las Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty Danwolski

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