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This week’s lowest fixed and variable mortgage rates in Canada

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Optimism about lower inflation is pushing bond yields lower, leading to lower fixed assets mortgage Prices for all terms except 1 year fixed.

The nationally advertised minimum one-year fixed rate actually rose by 20 bps to 5.69% this week, amid expectations of rising overnight rates as demand for one-years rises.

For default insured fixed mortgages, the situation looks better: 4.99% or less over a period of 1 to 5 years. As always, check our online rate sites for better local offers.

Floating interest rate The central bank that didn’t move this week is probably raise interest rates again on December 7th trigger rate.

Widely Advertised Lowest Cost Herlock Still 5.95% from HSBC.

As of Thursday, November 24th, this is the lowest mortgage rate available nationwide in Canada, with providers advertising rates online and lending in at least nine provinces.

Lowest mortgage interest rates available nationwide

semester uninsured provider Insured provider
1 year fixed 5.89% Alterna Bank 4.99% quest mortgage
2 years fixed 5.54% HSBC 4.99% quest mortgage
Fixed for 3 years 5.44% HSBC 4.92% nest
Fixed for 4 years 5.54% First National 4.99% quest mortgage
5 years fixed 5.29% HSBC 4.84% Canwise Financial
Fixed for 10 years 5.94% HSBC 5.59% nest
variable 5.45% Merrix Financial 4.75% nest
5 year hybrid 5.42% HSBC 5.56% Scotia eHOME
Herlock 5.95% HSBC none none

The premium rate applies to those purchasing with a down payment of less than 20% or switching an existing insured mortgage to a new lender. Uninsured interest rates apply to refinancings and purchases over $1 million and may include applicable lender interest rate premiums. Providers with different rates in different states will be shown the highest rate.

Robert McLister is an interest rate analyst, mortgage strategist and MortgageLogic.NewsYou can follow him on Twitter. @RobMcLister.

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