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This Is the Richest City in the World, According to a New Report

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Some cities radiate glitz and glamour (think: Dubai’s gold souks, Hong Kong’s skyscrapers, or even Silicon Valley’s gigantic mansions). All this indicates that the city is incredibly wealthy, but A recent report by Henley & Partners, a global residential and civic enterprisethe richest cities are actually here in America

The study measured the highest number of billionaires per city around the world, and found New York City to be number one on the list. According to Henley & Partners, NYC is home to 345,600 billionaires, including 737 centimeter millionaires (with wealth of US$100 million or more) and 59 billionaires . After New York City, the top 10 global cities were Tokyo, San Francisco Bay Area, London, Singapore, Los Angeles and Malibu, Chicago, Houston, Beijing, and Shanghai. As part of this report, the company surveyed his January-June 2022 survey of the world’s fastest-growing cities and towns for high net worth individuals. Because NYC is the financial center of the United States and home to her two largest stock exchanges in the world by market. cap (Dow Jones and NASDAQ), it is understood to be higher. Moreover, the total personal wealth held by the city’s residents exceeds his US$3 trillion, surpassing the total personal wealth of his major G20 countries.

However, when it comes to real estate, NYC No The world’s most expensive market.UK property company data Savills Monaco ranks among the world’s most expensive properties, showing an average price of €51,912 per square meter. This is him up 9% compared to 2021. Third, it lags far behind with an average price of €22,910 per square meter. The other seven are:Therefore teeth Some overlap between lists, but not much.

“New York is in the top 10 expensive markets and will continue to be in the top 10,” said Janice McDill, communications manager at the housing company. knock“With home prices projected to rise by 10%, the New York City market will be even more favorable to sellers next year.” US reportNew York tops the most expensive metropolitan area for real estate, but Silicon Valley tops the list overall. of real estate (the average Manhattan home is $1.66 million).

This is not so surprising.New York and California both made our list State with the highest cost of livingStill, $1.66 million is no easy feat. So what if you’re looking to buy a home in one of the most expensive cities in the world? Consider waiting for the market to drop, for example. Interest rates have spiked since the pandemic, but domestic prices are expected to level off over the next year, and a potential recession could eventually drive the market down, according to McDill. You can also consider a fixer upper to buy a home at a cheaper price, or look for a low down payment loan (which could be an FHA or VA loan). When Down payment when looking to buy a home in a more expensive area.

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