Home News This family owns a ‘princess cottage’ in Disney’s gated community—where homes sell for $12M: Look inside

This family owns a ‘princess cottage’ in Disney’s gated community—where homes sell for $12M: Look inside

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In 2020, when the pandemic put travel on hold, my family purchased a four-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot home in Golden Oak at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida.

My parents have long wanted to buy a vacation home. I have a daughter who is now 5 years old and was looking for a place to spend some quality time together for my soon to be father brother.

My husband and I have been living there for about three and a half years We’re hours away in Miami, but Golden Oak is our second home. We both work remotely so I can visit with her daughter at least twice a month.

as travel and parenting blogger, I get a lot of questions from my followers about what it’s like to have a home in Disney’s highly coveted residential community.

What is Disney’s Golden Oak?

Disney’s Golden Oak is an exclusive gated single family home located just four miles from Disney’s Magic Kingdom park.

There are approximately 300 homes ranging from 1,800 square feet to 12,000 square feet. one house $12 million this year, and another Currently listed for $9.5 million.

Divided into eight districts, the housing was designed by Walt Disney Imagineering, the division of The Walt Disney Company that oversees the design and construction of theme parks.

Residents have access to the pool, fitness center, restaurants, and other Disney resorts. There is also an exclusive Golden Oak Club membership,Concierge style serviceincludes private VIP park tours and special event tickets.

buy a house in disney’s golden oak

Golden Oak first started listing homes in 2010. But despite being a regular at Disney, we hadn’t heard of it until her parents visited her friends at their vacation home in 2020.

Christie lives in Miami with her husband and daughter, but travels twice a month to a Disney-themed vacation home near Orlando, Florida.

Photo: Cristian Ann Cabrera

During their visit, they were able to tour one of the new homes. They showed my brother and I their home on FaceTime. We all fell in love with the place and signed the deal at full asking price.

The Golden Oak house sells quickly, but the timing was right. The entire ground floor was furnished, so we were able to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend together just days after the store closed that year.

Take a look inside our ‘Princess Cottage’

We live in a cottage in the Symphony Grove area. Each house has its own whimsical look. Inspired by Belle’s Cottage from “Beauty and the Beast”.

Each home in Symphony Grove Cottages has its own unique theme.

Photo: Cristian Ann Cabrera

One thing that all Golden Oak homes have in common are the little Disney-themed details. For example, we have over 50 Hidden Mickey Mouse on our property. Kids love trying to find it every time they come.

Our house is styled like a French cottage, especially on the first floor.

The entrance to the house is decorated with carved doors and an elegant chandelier.

Photo: Cristian Ann Cabrera

The kitchen and dining room are finished with wooden beams and other country accents.

Distressed wood details, intricate tiles and soaring kitchen hoods create a French countryside feel.

Photo: Cristian Ann Cabrera

Head upstairs and the home becomes more distinctly Disney-themed. My bedroom upstairs has a quote from “Beauty and the Beast” above the bed.

On the wall of my brother’s room is a hand-drawn Winnie the Pooh character.

The bunk room (a.k.a. the “Bambi” room) is small but full of beautiful details such as wood-paneled walls and small nightlights on each bed.

The cozy bunk beds in this “Bambi”-themed room are a family favorite.

Photo: Cristian Ann Cabrera

My favorite feature throughout the house is the spiral staircase on the 2nd floor that leads to the ‘Bell’s Reading Room’ on the 3rd floor. It is now a girls’ playroom.

There are reclaimed wood beams on the ceiling, hand-painted paintings on the walls, built-in bookshelves and windows with the same railings as the stairs.

Finally, there’s the guest suite that leads into the home via an outdoor patio. increase.

There is also a small pool and jacuzzi. It is completely enclosed by the house, making it a more private space. The patio area has a dining table that seats six, a sitting area with sofas and chairs, a fireplace, and an outdoor kitchen.

in the Golden Oak district

I don’t visit theme parks very often when I’m in Golden Oak. Most of the time we enjoy our neighborhood and spend time together at home.

There is a golf cart that can be used to visit the Golden Oak playground, park, and residents-only clubhouse.

Kids will love watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the docks of Disney’s Fort Wilderness. Also take her daughter for a pony ride. In the summer use the splash pad and pool with a great slide.

For us, this really is the happiest place on earth.

Christy Ann Cabrera, aka The Traveling Red, is a Miami-based mom, social media influencer, and travel blogger.follow her Instagram, tick tock, Pinterest and her blog Take a trip to Disney’s Golden Oak and a road trip with a modified school bus.

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