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This El Paso Mansion Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

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If you are in the border mansion market and like Egyptian themed decorations, stripper poles and brightly colored walls, I got a house for you!

West El Paso’s mansion has recently been put up for sale online, and Facebook’s viral page Zillow Gone WildGot the list and shared a very interesting photo of this $ 2.5 million mansion. The internet is crazy!

Zillow Gone Wild Is a Facebook page that introduces some of the most ridiculous homes for sale. Whether good or bad, Zillow Gone Wild introduces “The best of Zillowlol” according to their page.

Tell us more about this mansion:

The apartment in question has only been posted on Zillow’s official website for one day and has already been viewed more than 62,000 times.

according to Zillow listThis “breathtaking” mansion is located in the Willow Bend subdivision at the western end of El Paso.

Courtesy: Google Maps

Courtesy: Google Maps

The 13,293-square-foot mansion was built in 2013. According to the website, the house has 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 4 garage spaces, and more features, which can be annoying. It definitely doesn’t shout “house”.

Zillow’s list contained some photos for curious people, but to be honest, the photos didn’t help at all in this new home list.

What does a $ 2.5 million mansion look like?

The first time you see a picture of the exterior of a mansion you think it’s amazing. It’s a nice looking house! The exterior photo shows a beautiful beige house that looks like a rooftop balcony with multiple windows.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Next, it’s time to take Zillow’s photos into the house and make things interesting.

Once inside the house, you will find Egyptian decorations such as statues and murals.

Next, there are some interesting features for basketball enthusiasts. When you enter the house, you’ll be greeted by a random basketball court … that is, in case you need to shoot a hoop before you leave the door.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Zillow’s online list includes multiple photos of 10 bedrooms in a house featuring brightly colored walls, floor mattresses, portable fans, and interesting room decorations, with a stripper pole in one room. Is attached.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

However, I scratched my head in a half-finished toilet without a shower curtain. When I looked at all the photos, I couldn’t help but wonder, “I wonder if I ran out of money in the middle of building this mansion.” ?? And I wasn’t the only one to think about this.

Courtesy: Zillow

Courtesy: Zillow

Facebook users went to the comments section and shared their thoughts on this $ 2.5 million mansion, but weren’t disappointed.

In interior design, Chelsea was shaking his head.

“Too much money and little taste. Why don’t these people hire interior designers?”

Gary was as confused about the basketball court as I was.

“Did the interior designer repeatedly ask the marble basketball half-court,” Are you sure you want this? ” “

Jeff summarized my thoughts quite a bit in his comments:

“This is the” winning lottery “house when they bought a big house, moved all their existing furniture from a 1400-square-foot house and realized they couldn’t afford to live there. “

Many have asked if social media influential people and gamers used to live in this house, but Senhan went ahead and used Google skills to find out who the previous owner was. I found out. According to his search, this mansion was previously owned by a production company.

“It can also be used for private room shots and parties. This explains a lot. Just like why all mf showers are open. You still have better lighting. You think you have it. “

Most of the comments hated this million dollar mansion, but some people suggested that the mansion be used for good in our community:

“If possible, I would like to buy it and turn it into a shelter for asylum seekers on the Texas-Mexico border.”

Some commenters have also suggested using this mansion as a shelter pet home.

It’s a pretty solid idea if you ask me, but to be honest, I’d like to know who the previous owner of this house asked, what was wrong? !!

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