Home News This building was designed to be the ultimate residence for the hybrid post-covid lifestyle

This building was designed to be the ultimate residence for the hybrid post-covid lifestyle

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setnew housing Reconfiguring a Manhattan apartment for the post-Corona era in New York City’s Hudson Yards neighborhood.

Designed for busy professionals who commute to their New York City office two to three times a week, The Set is an on-site health clinic, co-working space, private resident, as well as a short six-month We offer leasing. -Only Club.of Clinics operated by Sollis Health provide 24-hour physicians, emergency room services, radiology, and laboratories.

during lockdown, Tenants started looking even for larger apartments building with office space, conference rooms, outdoor spaces, pet washrooms. This shift marks a shift from clear boundaries between home, work and service to the idea that everything is in one place for her.

The set embodies this new ideal. All units in the property developer’s affiliated Mansion Tower have designer décor. The building also offers 50,000 square feet of amenities with floors dedicated to healthcare, work and play.

None of this is cheap in New York City expensive rental market but prices taper off from summer. Studios at The Set start at $5,200 and one-bedroom rentals start at $7,200 and up, with all services and amenities included.

Covid has changed the amenities luxury residents want

Perks like gyms and lounges aren’t new to luxury buildings, but according to Related Companies, most luxury homes offer “empty amenities,” and The Set wants to. It distinguishes itself by offering an “experience director” to help residents take advantage of the space.

Hailey Sarage, vice president of development at The Set, said:

“If they’re working from home and have a meeting on the office floor, they can make sure the presentation loads on the TV,” says Sarage. “If that meeting needs catering, they make sure it’s all catered for and all the tech is working. The day after a fun night at the Set Club with custom Dan Kruger cocktails.” If you need an IV, we can provide that too.”

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The Set concept was born in 2019. Even before the pandemic, companies realized they needed flexible work-from-home settings.

“There has been a big trend that health care and wellness are important to people. There is,” Sarage said.

Work-life hybrid

The developer believes the project will also help address some of the dwindling networking opportunities that have been a common complaint since the pandemic. Harvard Business Review Survey found that the average person’s professional and personal networks are nearly shrinking 16% (over 200) could hinder career progress and overall well-being during the pandemic and the shrinking of such networks.

“People working from home, especially post-corona, are really missing the networking opportunities they used to have at the office,” says Sarage. “Our Set Club definitely provides what we’re missing in the working-from-home era.”

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