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This Bay Area city is one of the worst in the country for apartment space

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The bay area is famous for that High living expenses and rent — But how much space do apartment dwellers get for all that money compared to the rest of the country?

For larger apartment buildings, the answer seems to be: not so many.according to it Recent reports From the rental property website RentCafe, find out which cities in the United States have the most (and least) space per person in large complexes.

Fremont ranks lowest in apartment space among the 100 largest cities in the United States by population, at just 320 square feet per person. San Jose was also at the bottom of the list, number 89 at 407 square feet per person. San Francisco was only 5 spots higher at 433 square feet per person.

An analysis using data from RentCafe’s sister company, YardiMatrix, uses average apartment sizes in 254 cities in the United States and renter household sizes in the 2020 US Census. The average number of rooms per lessor was calculated by dividing the total number of bedrooms and living rooms by the average number of people living in the household.

Yardi Matrix data covers more than 20 million units in 169 markets completed by January 2022. The analysis includes only apartments of 50 units or more.

They seem to live much larger in Louisville-its Kentucky inhabitants have the most private space in the United States, 706 sq ft, and 692 sq ft in Winston Salem, North Carolina and Omaha. it continues. , Nebraska, at 679.

The report states that there are many companies throughout the state in the Bay Area, providing little space for renters of large buildings. Of all the 254 cities in the report, the 10 cities with the least space per renter were all in California. Fontana averaged 295 square feet and was the tightest squeezed. Salinas was second with 299 square feet and Fremont was third. The city of Bay Area in Hayward was ranked 8th in the least squares method, with 340 per capita.

“Famous for the high cost of living in California, the crowded cities combined with the lack of available apartments are causing more people to live under the same roof,” the report said. “As a result, lessor’s private space is dramatically reduced throughout the Golden State.”

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