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This $800K bungalow is one of the cheapest detached homes in Toronto right now

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The average cost of a single-family home in Toronto is approaching $ 1.95 million. Finding a home that you call your own home is not easy in what is now considered the city. Canada’s highest living expenses..

It was only 10 years ago that I heard that bungalows in the Duffalin and Eglinton areas sell for about $ 800,000, but in the current housing market, there are four walls, roofs, and 416 area codes. Was sold for less than $ 1 million. You can certainly feel like stealing.

$ 799,900 may not be the castle you would have bought in the last few decades, but a quaint little bungalow 70 Branstone Road teeth Among the cheapest single-family homes on the market Now in Toronto.

The 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms have 4 bedrooms in the basement and date back to the 1970s with a yellow and orange facade.

This aesthetic is carried over to the interior, which features an open-concept living and dining room with hardwood and tile floors.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

The kitchen is like stepping into a time machine, with old-style appliances, wooden cabinets, and grandmother’s tile backsplash, all telling the story of the past of the house.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

In addition to the three main bedrooms, the completed basement unit of the house has a separate entrance, detailing the potential for rent for future owners.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

But what the real ridiculous thing this house has to offer is that the large wreck room, brick walls, arches, fireplaces and tile floors all combine to create a mustard-colored geometric wonderland. ..

That said, I love it.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

The rec room faces its own backyard. The edges may be a bit rough, but with a little landscaping, this could be a personal urban oasis for the buyer.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

If you’re not concerned about privacy, there’s also a spacious front pouch, but you’ll also need a TLC from the person who bought the place.

70 Branstone Road Toronto

The house looks good overall, but the laundry room looks a bit bad due to the unfinished floor and the wear of the generally eerie atmosphere.

70 Branstone Road Toronto
On the plus side, all appliances come with additional freezers in the basement, in addition to packages from stoves, refrigerators and laundry facilities.

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