Home News Thinking of selling your home in current hot NYC real estate market? Here are 10 staging tips, according to experts.

Thinking of selling your home in current hot NYC real estate market? Here are 10 staging tips, according to experts.

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Staten Island, NY-The real estate market in the New York metropolitan area continues to heat up, with a national report at the end of last year predicting: Sellers who have owned a home for some time may move away from a healthy amount of cash transactions in 2022Some homeowners may be considering relocation.

“We will be very competitive in 2022 as home sales reach their highest level in 16 years and trends such as workplace flexibility drive home buyer success.” Annual housing forecast Released in December by Realtor.com.

Sandy Krueger, president and chief executive officer of the Staten Island Real Estate Commission, told Advance / SILive.com this year that he is predicting “rich factors” that will affect local real estate space.

“I think 2022 will be a time for real estate professionals to show value in helping consumers weigh housing space options and opportunities,” he said, with many homeowners capitalizing their homes. I have it. It has skyrocketed in the last few years. “

Therefore, for those who are preparing to monetize in the current real estate market, Data journalism website stacker Researched the best way to stage a home for sale using information from Funds to flipHere are some tips from movers, realtors and home renovation specialists.

According to Stacker’s analysis, here are 10 economical ways to stage a home for sale.

1. Use a neutral color. Buyers want to see the house they are touring as their own. I don’t want to see my house as another person’s space. When homeowners prepare to hit the market, they need to get neutral paint to cover the walls of the accent and the unusual colors. Light taupe, gray, or off-white is the best color.

2. Highlight the storage space. Most buyers consider home storage space as part of the decision-making process. Buyers want enough space to store clothes, shoes, food, holiday decorations and more. Sellers need to introduce closets and drawers by placing folded clothing neatly in baskets and bottles, using shoe racks, and organizing linen closets.

According to experts, the smell of freshly baked cookies can be very captivating to buyers. (Staten Island Advance)Pamela Silvestri

3. Bake the cookies. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in the house. I want to feel like a home. And what makes the home feel warmer and more cozy than a plate of freshly baked cookies? The aroma of freshly baked cookies and warm bread can be very captivating to buyers. Bake cookies just before the screening, make notes so that visitors can do it themselves, and put them on the counter to set them apart from other homes on the market.

4. Don’t show too much personal hobbies. Staging a home with items that meet a particular personal taste does not appeal to all buyers and can be a major turn-off in some cases. Therefore, it is important to depersonalize your space as much as possible before listing your home. When staging your home, don’t choose kitsch decorations, flower-covered wallpapers, or personal photos.

6890 Jonestown Road: Cool Space

According to experts, mirrors can make the space in your house look bigger. (Dan Gleiter | [email protected])

5. Use a mirror to make the small room look bigger. Small spaces in the house don’t have to feel small. Sellers need some mirrors to create the illusion that they are bigger than they look. Adding a mirror to a closed space such as a bedroom or hallway will make it look bigger than it really is and appeal to the buyer. Strategically place mirrors near the windows to bring more reflective natural light into the room and illuminate dark spaces. Adding a mirror to a small bathroom will also help to magnify the mirror. This is a convenient trick to use for half bathrooms and bathrooms with limited space.

6. Use an air mattress to stage the bed. Empty bedrooms, or bedrooms that are used as storage or playgrounds, are generally unattractive to buyers. To turn an empty room into a stepped bedroom, buy a cheap air mattress and lean against some boxes. Then cover the box with a bed skirt and place it on the air mattress like any other bed. Use some comfortable comforters and pillows. Adding some cheap end tables to your mix and some simple decorations can create a guest suite that is far more appealing to the buyer than a cluttered storage room.

7. Adjust the color of the half empty closet. The best way to make your closet more attractive is to keep it half full. This creates the illusion that the closet has more space than it really is. It also makes it easier to organize your closet. Once you have selected your clothing, it will be displayed in color. This type of neat, color-adjusted tissue helps to make other spaces, such as closets, or cabinets for cleaning supplies, more attractive.

8. Decorate with fresh flowers, plants and citrus fruits. Adding fresh flowers and plants is a great way to add color and give a cozy atmosphere. You can hang a wreath of fresh greenery and flowers on the door, or strategically place vases throughout the house. Choose to add a bowl of fresh citrus fruit to the kitchen counter or tabletop to brighten the room.

20 Beachwood Lane: Cool Space

Real estate professionals are advised to invest in white towels when putting a home on the market. (Sean Simmers | [email protected])

9. Use white towels in the bathroom. Invest in clean, white towels that can create a spa atmosphere. That’s why all hotels and day spas use bright white towels and sheets. The same applies to shower curtains and bath mats. Avoid decorating your bathroom with bright colors, patterns, or bright colors, and instead choose to create a bright and clean feel.

10. Don’t overlook the garage, basement or garden. It’s easy to focus on the main living area of ​​the house, but don’t forget to arrange spaces such as garages, basements, gardens, walkways, and outdoor stairs. Make sure your garden or outdoor area isn’t oversized and get rid of older items that are better off, such as barbecue grills and patio furniture. To showcase your garage or basement space, we’ll show you how to stack cardboard boxes and containers vertically to optimize space for your own storage needs. In addition, these spaces will look more organized, making them even more attractive.

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