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These Towns will Give You Free Homes and Land for Moving There in 2022

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flat Previous Pandemic, Work remotely You will come across this type of offer on a regular basis: move to a small town desperately in need of development and Free house Or as thousands Cash gift From Vermont Actual castle Abandoned by an Italian aristocrat.

The catch is that the town is usually far from the city center and the home requires a large investment on the part of the owner-many of them take on rural life and major refurbishment projects. By doing so, they are trying to change their lives.

To achieve the goal of taking young and energetic people to a stagnant town, these programs usually need to stay there for at least a year.

Where are the free homes?

Some of these are temporary promotions from certain tourist agencies, but others have been dragging for years — the flow of various Italian towns is trying to seduce new residents. 1 euro house Since 2011.

West Virginia landscape.

On the basis of Recent summary According to GOBankingRates, Maenza in the province of Latina, Italy, has recently become the first town with easy access to Rome (about 71 miles or an hour and a half by car), joining the trend and selling some of the abandoned houses for € 1. started.

Meanwhile, Manitoba, Canada, has become a resident. $ 1,000 deposit For a parcel of land in a remote town of Pipestone — they get back $ 990 when they build a house on it.

In the US there is a similar project Kansas Mankato And many Parts of West Virginia. Vermont and Tulsa, Oklahoma offer their respective lump sum payments. $ 7,500 When $ 10,000 For those who move and stay there.

“Since 2018, the Vermont Parliament has created three different relocation incentives, awarding $ 1.78 million to attract new residents to the state, increase the workforce and support Vermont employers.” Vermont says. Writing Its transfer program. “In total, these three programs helped 435 new workers and their families live and work in Vermont.”

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Canada, Pipestone Reed JS

In the case of Tulsa, the program has been in place since 2018, but during the pandemic there was a 300% increase in applications.

Similar requirements for most such programs are: Can move Within the following year, you will have full-time income from outside the state and will be eligible to live and work in the United States without a sponsor.

For those with British citizenship, the Scottish islands also have £ 50,000 ($ 60,000) in funding. Give to Those who will move to one of the more than 900 remote islands in the country between now and 2026. The total seems to be particularly large, but going to those who move to some of the least populated islands is an extreme end.

But does anyone actually do this?

Headline “Move here and make money for free” Never fail It’s about creating a buzz and getting thousands of people to share the link saying “this should be done perfectly”.

However, in reality, different situations need to be combined to achieve this. Viable opportunity For certain individuals — the average applicant is young (although it also appeals to some retirees), makes money in remote areas, and has nothing to do with family members in a particular city.

With the eradication of millions of pandemics, this type of scenario has become more common than ever.

according to Recent research From the freelancer platform Upwork, 5 million people, or about 2.4% of all Americans, have relocated since 2020 after starting remote work due to outbreaks.

Read more about where you are trying to move you.

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