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These Combined Newport Beach Houses Feel Anything But Compound-Y

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Most people who want swimming pool However, there is not enough garden to join the YMCA or make friends with neighbors who have the YMCA.However Ashley Clark’■ A customer based in Newport Beach, California had a different idea. I bought a one-story building next door and put it in the pool to create a streamlined path with plants connecting the two properties. “There are many reasons to keep two separate parcels with two separate addresses,” says Clark, founder of a local design studio. Skout..The biggest one is resale: When a family of five leaves the area, it is much easier to sell each location individually than to sell them as one large complex. In the future, all they have to do is replace the fence and prepare it for listing.

This five magnificent backyard family is actually in a nearby real estate

Outdoor shower

Still, Clark’s job was to build an adjacent house (the smaller of the two became the guest slash pool house). look There is a cohesiveness from the outside and the inside. At the start of the two-year project, Clark worked with architects and contractors to work on the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms in the main building, while at the same time renovating the next 1,975-square-foot home (in charge of Garden Studio Design). For landscaping). When the guesthouse was completed, the couple and three boys moved there, transforming the formerly dark kitchen and main bathroom. First, the designer guides us through a dual duty remodeling.

Round the bend

Rustic cupboard

The kitchen in front.
Cream-colored kitchen

Everything eventually stayed in place while Clark was removing the existing appliances, cabinets and countertops in the kitchen. The biggest upgrade was to level the structure of the former layered island and clean up the bulky upper cabinets. “It’s not a huge kitchen, it’s three boys coming and going all day, so I wanted it to feel much bigger than it really is,” says the designer.

Long kitchen corridor to the pantry

Paint kitchen cabinets and grooved accent walls in rustic shades (Portora Paint Piano Room Color matching by Dunn-Edwards) helped reduce the coldness of the new durable white porcelain counters. Clark continued this strategy by using the colors of the entire house in all skirting boards, many interior doors, and couples’ bedrooms. It gives a calm touch to the angled space.

Spotlight tight corner

Angled kitchen sink area

As a self-proclaimed “symmetrical person,” the awkward angles of the kitchen initially confused Clark. “I really like pretty right angles and rectangles and squares,” she says. But with a slight change in her perspective, she began to focus on strange corners and decided to make the most of them with statement lighting. The sloping sink area is highlighted with a pendant lamp designed by Kelly Wearstler. Visual comfort..

Return to PE class

Dated shower with beige tiles

Previous children’s bathroom.
Striped bathroom tiles

Clark took up space in the direction of the tall locker room because she wanted the two eldest sons to maintain a child-friendly shared bathroom without over-changing the theme with dinosaurs and race cars. Where the reach-in closet used to be, there is now a recessed wall in the army green storage locker. “They provide plenty of space for trunks, towels and toilet paper, whatever they need,” she points out.The bathroom vanity is drawn with Sherwin-Williams Oakmoss To match the striped tiles from Alyse Edwards Add a touch of voyage with whipped cream that stretches from the floor to the walls of the shower and is too charred.

Immerse yourself in the charm

Pendant woven on the bed

Built-in jacuzzi tub

Previous primary bathroom.
Between the bathtub alcove

Vintage style ArtoBrick tiles It covers the floor of the primary bathroom, giving the space a rustic and old-fashioned feel, and not feeling like a “smooth and shiny spa,” says Clark. She cleaned the old bathroom by reducing the size of the cabinet, replacing the sink with an undermounted version, and arranging the entire wall in a square of decorative bricks.They say goodbye to the built-in jacuzzi tub and immediately do it Hydro Systems..

Vanity candlestick in a woven bathroom

Checkered bathroom tiles

“My wife takes a bath every night, so it was important for her to have this lovely place, which is functional but also has something to see,” the designer said, wrapping the alcove with artwork. increase.

Hold a block party

Cozy Livinho area

Built-in dining bench

The pool house is perfect for hospitality. The spacious dining area has floating benches that can easily accommodate 6-8 children. There is no need for troublesome chair operations. Clark fills the rest of the space with vintage and offers a flea market with the same personal feel as the main building. The large sliding glass door is easy to open, so friends can stop by the main kitchen or return to their original kitchen along the way. Pool.And your neighbor you.

Indoor outdoor living room

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