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The Woo-woo Agents of Real Estate

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Illustration: Joanna Nebolsky

Before Maine-based realtor Trish Alcalo begins her new week’s work, she draws cards from the tarot deck, lights candles, makes a series of affirmations, and fosters affluence and joy. I have a useful sunstone crystal. She sometimes burns Palo Santo around her new home for clients to free up space for bad energy before her move. And when she announces a successful deal on Instagram, she doesn’t put SOLD or PURCHASED on the list — she puts MANIFESTED!

In Minnesota, agents and coaches called Commission Queens sell mugs labeled WAKE UP. Manifest. Sell ​​real estate. repeat. Wisconsin agent Intuitive Realtor-Healer proposes to unblock the chakras and create a home altar for $ 1.6 million, in addition to Prairie du Sac’s 40 acres of land. .. An article on Redfin, a nationwide brokerage firm, describes how to “make an energetic leap from a renter to a homeowner.” Create a vision board. Imagine your dream home before you fall asleep every night. Light a white or green candle and “oil” with rosemary oil and a small amount of salt. A 20-year-old TikTok real estate agent proposes taping your affirmations on your handle as a “manifest hack.”

These are real estate wooing agents, and brokers are navigating the highly unpredictable housing market, pointing at the pulsations of the universe itself, as well as vast amounts of data and detailed trend forecasts. They are in tune with energy and interest rates when the country faces unprecedented prices, bid wars, and full cash offers. This is evidence of both how desperate people have become in housing and how to deal with market madness.

For Arcaro using Holistic Real Estate Pro, when a client can buy a home, it’s not just at the right price or in the right neighborhood. It is “aligned”. In other words, the universe means that the client receives this particular asset. She works in the idyllic Bangor region, often with a young family arriving in the state from a big city (she moved from Los Angeles eight years ago and, in New Age, she says. It ’s my “breakthrough”).

“The energy they put out there helped them attract the house,” says Alcalo. “It’s not just because they had good credit and good timing and everything,” she admits that buying a home requires a “blend” of business strategy and spiritual practice. increase. If she works with buyers who are worried about what they can buy, she helps put them into the “thinking” of money. “How do you know until you give it a try? Did you see your finances?” She asks. “Have you ever talked to a lender to see what’s pre-approved? If you’re coming from a mode of shortage and rarity, the universe will always put you there.”

This approach to real estate is a niche, but not entirely new — the gospel version of prosperity Selling sunset. From the 1937 book of the failed businessman Napoleon Hill Think and grow affluently — One of the first self-help bestsellers — Rhonda Byrne’s 2006 Opla Fuel Phenomenon secret, There is a long tradition of American business mystics linking wealth accumulation and success to spirituality.

Byrne has pushed the concept of “law of appeal” into the mainstream. As one practitioner says, LOA argues, “Whatever we believe in, we will show up … If we believe we will be poor, we will be poor.” secret Has sold over 35 million copies and released a movie version starring Katie Holmes in 2020 (in this movie, one of Holmes’ character daughters can portray both pizza and ponies). secret Since then, it has spawned a business-specific LOA coaching cottage industry, including books for the sale and investment of real estate.

An agent named Penelope Whichello, based in South Carolina, was engaged in the spa business before selling real estate and coaching other agents at the real estate company Mindfulness. Those looking to attract more clients can become an accessible member for $ 19 per month or join the Mindful Agent Circle for $ 2,749 per year. Witchero describes the alignment as “your divine connection to your own creativity” and her work “helps move people from one sacred space to the next.” ..

Cary Tamura, a New York agent for the Corcoran Group, has taught other real estate agents Samatha meditation, or mindfulness-conscious meditation. “Whether it’s a difficult deal with a customer or a negotiation, the benefits of your business are locked in what’s between the words,” says Tamura. “The more you exist, the more clearly you can see such things,” he says, especially for rental clients facing markets with vacancy rates of less than 5%. “It’s very difficult to get a rent, whether you’re a broker or not. Whatever it is, it’s very likely that there are multiple applications for a rented property currently in place. Ability not to panic is very important. “

“I had a venture capitalist guy who moved from California to the area, and he was all in his head,” Witchero tells me about starting a short-term vacation rental business. .. “I told him to go back to his intentions:’Go back to what you intended when you bought this, and that was to make it a profitable venture. And you What do you know? The next step will appear. “”

Unfortunately, the next step has not yet been realized for millions of homeowners who have found themselves locked out of the market. Wu may not offer anything novel, but if Larry Summers believes, their outlook is that of our current economy amid rising interest rates and an imminent recession. I feel uniquely optimistic at the moment. A group of people simply “means” as governments, private consultants, journalists, and aspiring homeowners are also trying to answer the question “Why is our home market so crazy?” Is it? “

Or the problem is you. If you can’t go home, you’re not clearly enough. In the case of market craters, it is due to the negative energy you put into space, the so-called “self-limiting beliefs”. On the dark side of manifestation is a kind of magical thinking that avoids structural explanations, with old concepts such as “creative destruction”, “invisible hand of the market” and “rugged individualism”. There is not much difference. It has been used to shake off the unnecessary brutality of our economic system. as a result, Mayor Eric AdamsRecently released, believing that crystals buried in the earth give New York “special energy” Housing plan No target metric.

“There was a client who was crying on the phone because she hadn’t received an offer at her house,” Alcalo tells me. In the main market where she works, prices have fallen slightly over the past year, especially compared to the depth of the pandemic where sellers routinely see cash offers from buyers. She suggested that the client had an emotional hang about her move and had to let go to free her home from space and attract buyers. “The universe has your back for 1000 percent of the time,” she says. “Even if you can’t see it, it can happen behind the scenes that you need to trust,” Arcaro said her client “revealed the cash buyer” and traded. Will end on July 11th. That is unless the universe has other plans.

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