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The top 12 best places to rent in the U.S. aren’t where you’d expect

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According to recent rankings in the US housing market, lessors looking for the best value in their homes need to look out over the big coastal cities.

Instead, you should consider the small towns and cities of the Midwest and Southwest.

Ranking Personal finance website WalletHub released I didn’t just look up the rent — 14% increase Year-over-year in the US, but there are other affordable indicators for each market. These indicators include living expenses, average housing area, average rental insurance costs, sublease law, security deposit limits, and tenant screening criteria.

The scores also included indicators of quality of life, which account for up to 40% of the total score in the rental market. These indicators included weather, school quality, crime rates, resident satisfaction surveys, average commuting costs, and the strength of the local employment market.

Take a look at the 12 best cities for US renters out of the 182 largest metropolitan areas.

  1. Columbia, Maryland
  2. Overland Park, Kansas
  3. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  4. Bismarck, North Dakota
  5. Lincoln, Nebraska
  6. Chandler, Arizona
  7. Scottsdale, Arizona
  8. Gilbert, Arizona
  9. El Paso, Texas
  10. Casper, Wyoming
  11. Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  12. Fargo, North Dakota

Major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago occupy the bottom half of the ranking, while small cities in the Southwest and Midwest and suburban excursions occupy the top half.

Columbia, Maryland, a planned city on the outskirts of Baltimore, was ranked first. The Arizona, Texas, Iowa, and Dakotas markets make up a significant portion of the top 50.

These markets are located in less densely populated states, tend to have more vacancies and lower rents, but their quality of life rankings are not always the best. For example, North Dakota’s fourth-placed Bismarck was ranked first overall at an affordable price, but only 157th in quality of life.

California cities also ranked high, with San Francisco ranked 14th overall and San Jose ranked 20th overall. Like these two cities, many California housing markets had high quality of life scores, but were often downgraded due to moderate or low rankings at affordable prices. ..

Affordability of rent remains an urgent issue for consumers. Median rent in the United States rose about $ 300 last year to a total of $ 2,016 as of June 2022. According to the data Courtesy of real estate agent Redfin.

For rankings, WalletHub compared the 150 most populous cities in the United States with at least two of the most populous cities in each state. The analysis used data from sources such as the US Census Bureau, the National Association of Real Estate Agents, and GreatSchools.org to assess affordability and quality of life for rent across 22 different indicators.

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