Home News The story behind North Carolina’s pyramids on the market for $675,000

The story behind North Carolina’s pyramids on the market for $675,000

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Rockwell, North Carolina — Two colorful pyramids (one unfinished) on 18 acres in Rockwell, North Carolina. They were the vision of a quirky North Carolina State University architect who died before completing the project.

For Rowan County, which is mostly farmland, the attempt at a modern home is a strange sight.

James Crutz built a house for his family to live in. His daughter Katie Crutz recalled in a 2012 essay published by The Guardian.
“Being the son of an architect has its ups and downs, and living in an interesting array of homes has both.” she wrote “I was 13 when I moved into the last house my father designed and built for our family. Fields clustered with brightly colored pyramids were a rare sight in the rural South of the United States. endured teasing from bemused schoolmates about what they called the “triangle house.” “
Photographer Reed Shaver

Her father was inspired by European modernist architecture in the 1950s, where he served in the military, she writes.

Photographer Reed Shaver
Katie Crutz wrote in her essay The blue pyramid was for the family to live in, and the red pyramid was for James Crutz to work in. The two buildings are connected by a covered breezeway.
Photographer Reed Shaver

However, the Red Pyramid remains unfinished, with over 3,000 square feet of open space being used for storage by its current owners.

Photographer Reid Shaver

Property records show that the couple has lived in the pyramid for the past 16 years.

DM Properties & Associates real estate agent Rhonda Jolly said the owners love the pyramid but are considering downsizing it.

The house and all its land are on the market for $675,000.

Photographer Reed Shaver

She hopes to maintain the integrity of the pyramid and find a buyer to complete what James Kratz started in 1987.

“It takes the right buyer,” said Jolly. “Someone who can do what the land can do and make it what they need.”

Photographer Reed Shaver

Pyramids went viral on social media this week, gaining attention on TikTok, Reddit, and Facebook. Jolie is happy to take extra care in hopes of attracting out-of-state buyers.

Photographer Reed Shaver
Jolly and her real estate partner Krystal Gorski Baucom are hosting an open house on October 1 from 1-3pm. A place where potential customers can come to see the pyramids in person.

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