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The Players Who Rose in 2022 – Commercial Observer

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Being one of the top 10 in the Power 100 is not an average feat.

For better or for worse, if your company is named SL Green, Brookfield, or RXR, you can imagine that market command will decline until the editor of a commercial observer expels you from its top tier. It’s almost impossible. Unless something causes a serious problem (and yeah, that’s happened in the last few years given the world situation), these are always capital, reputation, and always focused. It is a company that is. The next big thing.

Still, as CO reviews the market and its associated stories each year, it is consciously striving to promote at least one individual or company to the top 10.

In 2022 we nod to three unprecedented people.

Last year, Prologis CEO Hamid Mogadam was in 18th place with a power of 100. However, as the country’s largest industrialist, the power of Prologis will not diminish immediately. The exact opposite. So just this week (long after Moghadam’s position on the Power 100 was decided), Prologis offered to buy Duke Realty for about $ 24 billion. A $ 24 billion real estate transaction is enough for everyone to be promoted to the top tier. (Even if Duke decides that’s not enough.)

Prologis wasn’t the biggest jump in Power 100 (it had to go to Linda Foggy, who rose 34 spots after taking over Citibank’s huge real estate portfolio), but it was probably the most important.

The rookie was the second name in the top ten. Of course, we are referring to Governor Kathy Hokul. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to see politicians like Hochul at the top of the Power 100. In 2020, Andrew Cuomo took first place (which may not be that great in retrospect). But given the fate of many real estate and developments in her hands, from the redesign of the Pennsylvania Station project to the successor to the Interborough Express, 421a, it’s hard to stand humbly in front of Hokul’s immense power. Is possible.

Finally, although this may not have been the maximum number of spots, I felt it was important to have L & L’s David Levinson and Rob Rapidus in the top ten. For now, set aside L & L projects such as Terminal Warehouse, Miami’s new Winwood Plaza, and Premium New York Holdings such as 195 Broadway and 425 Park Avenue.

They raised a £ 14m Broadway theater into the air 30 feet! (Of course, we’re talking about TSX Broadway, also known as the Palace Theater.)

Such a salary increase is of another value.

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