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The most family-friendly cities in 2022

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In August, open doorDigital platform for residential real estate has released a new study that reveals: Best family city in the country.

In this study, we examined the main criteria.

  • academic excellence
  • great outdoors
  • small town atmosphere

Opendoor family-friendly cities and towns were identified by analyzing and averaging the number of locations tagged with phrases such as community centers, gardens, museums, parks, picnic sites, playgrounds, schools, pools, and supermarkets. I was. middleman.

#1 Family-Friendly City: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge is a suburb of Boston and home to Harvard University and MIT.

Opendoor consumer trends expert and broker Beatrice de Jong told CNBC Make It that Cambridge tops the list because it’s a walkable city where families can enjoy a day of fun.

‘Cambridge has family-friendly restaurants, coffee shops and a year-round farmer’s market, making it a great place to spend a weekend,’ she said.

according to US Census BureauIn 2020, the median household income in Massachusetts was $107,490, according to the City of Massachusetts.

Cambridge public schools are highly rated, with a student-teacher ratio of 9:1. niche.comThe city was ranked number one. 7 out of 240 schools in the state’s most diverse school district and 17 out of 238 on our list of the best places to teach in Massachusetts.

However, according to Opendoor’s real estate trends report, the most common reason homeowners sell their homes in Cambridge is looking for a better school district.

Top 10 Family-Friendly Cities and Towns in 2022:

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